Sometimes You Just Have To Let Them Be Messy

Sometimes You Just Have To Let Them Be MessyI will be the first to admit that I am a person with Type-A, OCD leanings. It’s not about everything, mind you – just my own special little brand of obsessiveness. Much of this has to do with things being tidy. I hate messes, and the idea of them makes my skin crawl. Every evening I put everything back in its place and clean up every mess so I can go to sleep relaxed and know that all is right in the world…or at least in my house. I have to be very intentional about making myself chill out about this, because I don’t want my daughter to grow up feeling like she can’t touch anything or make messes, as much as it might stress me out. Yesterday, in the spirit of mess-making, I let her make a Valentine’s art project using…dun dun dun…the dreaded PAINT! Every parent knows that paint + kids = ridiculous mess. It’s true. Totally messy. And we were using acrylics, since the project was paint on canvas (*note: I totally don’t recommend this – it’s TERRIBLE to clean…even if you’re not crazy and Type-A like I am). But, you know what? It was fun, and the world didn’t end just because we got paint on the floor. This is something I’m continuing to work on, but for now I thought I’d share some of the photos of Fern playing in paint, because it was pretty, darn cute…and totally worth the mess.

  • What is this? 1 of 9
    What is this?
    Wondering what is going on - "Why am I in my diaper and what is this blue, drippy stuff?"
  • Squishy! 2 of 9
    Handing her a sponge to paint with.
  • Huh? 3 of 9
    Not quite sure what to do with the sponge.
  • Now I get it! 4 of 9
    Now I get it!
    "Oh!!! You rub the blue stuff around with the squishy thing!"
  • This is diferent 5 of 9
    This is diferent
    Intrigued by the paint on her hands.
  • Getting down to business 6 of 9
    Getting down to business
    She quickly ditched the sponge in lieu of using her hands - much more effective at painting.
  • Admiration 7 of 9
    Stopping to admire her work. She kept holding up the canvas to look at it and flashing a huge grin.
  • Finished Product 8 of 9
    Finished Product
    Perfectly imperfect.
  • Bath Time 9 of 9
    Bath Time
    Making messes is fun! And an extra bath is like the holy grail for kiddos. A win/win situation for all involved!

Check out the full Valentine’s Day DIY instructions at Disney Baby!

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