Spring Eats: Kid-Friendly Snacks That Make the Most of Seasonal Produce

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Earlier this week, I suggested ten healthy produce picks to look for at your farmers markets this spring. But are you one of those people that loads up the veggie bags, and then it just stares at you from the produce drawer? I think a lot of us have great intentions for healthy eating, but get overwhelmed with figuring out just what to do with all that colorful produce.

Let me help.

I’ve rounded up some fun, kid-friendly snack ideas that take advantage of some of our seasonal produce picks. From bento boxes to bright green hummus – there is something here for everyone.

  • Kid-Friendly Spring Snacks! 1 of 9
    spring eats

    Don't know what to do with all that colorful produce crowding your fridge and countertops? Let us help!

  • Asparagus Hummus 2 of 9
    asparagus hummus

    Not sure how to convince your kids to eat asparagus? Add this tasty spring veggie to traditional hummus, creating a fun, colorful dip that your kids won't be able to resist. 

    Asparagus Hummus by


  • Pea Smoothie 3 of 9
    pea smoothie

    We've all tried to get our toddlers to eat their peas, but have you ever tried putting it them into a drink? This Pea Smoothie recipe from is a creative way to sneak peas into an afternoon snack - along with avocado (healthy fats!) and tasty orange citrus. Your kids will never know the difference!

    Pea smoothie recipe from 

  • Edible Mini Garden 4 of 9
    mini carrot garden

    If your toddler is anything like mine, then he or she probably loves to DIP! Something about dipping and scooping makes snack time so much more fun. With carrots in prime season for spring, try making one of these edible mini gardens -- kids will love to dip and eat, and moms will love to see so many extra veggies disappearing during snack time.

    Edible Mini Carrot Garden from

  • Blueberry Parfaits 5 of 9
    blueberry parfaits

    Kids tend to love anything that is visually appealing, and these fun parfaits definitely play to that. This recipe calls for mini pound cake sandwiches, but you could boost the nutritional value by swapping in almond butter and jam on whole wheat bread. Layer with Greek yogurt for extra protein!

    Star Spangled Blueberry Parfaits from

  • Stuffed Baby Red Potatoes 6 of 9
    stuffed red potatoes

    What is it about TINY food that makes it so appealing? We typically think of red potatoes for roasting or adding to potato salads, but why not stuff them like their bigger counterparts? These tiny bites are perfect for tiny mouths! Swap in Greek yogurt for sour cream, and season with just a sprinkling of cheese for flavor.  

    Stuffed Baby Red Potatoes from

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Pies 7 of 9
    mini rhubarb pies

    Making mini pies helps keep healthy portions in check, and doubles as a fun cooking project you can do you with your kids. Let them help roll out the dough and braid the lattice! Boost up the nutrients by swapping in more fruit and less sugar, and using fresh, ripe produce (instead of frozen!).  

    Strawberry rhubarb mini pies from

  • Kale Pesto 8 of 9
    kale pesto

    If he had his way, I think my toddler would live off of toast. He is crazy for carbs, and it's one of the things he is willing to eat any time, any place. This kale pesto is a great toast topper that is full of healthy fats and dark leafy greens, making it a perfect spring snack that will satisfy both kids and parents.  

    Kale Pesto from The Wimpy Vegetarian

  • Cherry Tomato Bento Box 9 of 9
    tomato bento box

    I think I actually squealed out loud when I saw this picture. Toddlers will flip for this adorable bento box of flowers, bugs, and garden edibles. Cherry tomatoes, fresh strawberries, and broccoli florets are transformed into a fun and playful snack.

    Ladybug garden bento box from



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