Standing or Sitting: What’s the Best Way to Potty Train a Boy?

We all know that potty training is not for the faint of heart. From cleaning up the mess of a #2 accident in underwear instead of a diaper, to the first time venturing out of the house with a child in undies, teaching your child to use the potty is full of um, shall I say, surprises.

And now I have another problem to solve, as I’m working on potty training a boy for the first time.  What’s the best way to teach him to use the potty; standing or sitting?

I, personally, want him to sit because it’s easier and has less chance of being messy. But, he wants to stand like he sees his daddy doing.  He’s more likely to go potty if I let him stand, but he’s still too short to reach the toilet standing up, and when he’s on a stool then he’s too tall and he has the potential of spraying all over the place.

I’m realizing that maybe having a potty-training boy just means I’m constantly going to have to be cleaning up pee off the toilet, floor and wall, and I just have to come to accept that.

And then there’s the dilemma of going potty when we are out in public. There are no stools for him to stand on, but when he sits it’s hard to make sure that he’s aiming down into the toilet and not straight out in front of him, without completely taking off his pants, which I would rather not do.

So, how do I help him go potty when we are out and about?

This is my first experience with potty training a boy, so I’d love any advice from any experienced moms of boys out there!

How do you teach your boy to use the potty, standing or sitting?  What do you do about the potential mess?  And how do you handle public potty breaks?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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