Start an Afternoon Tradition: 12 Delicious Frozen Drinks

I started a tradition with my kids last summer that I am so excited to bring back now that the weather has warmed up and summer is officially right around the corner.

My kids are always hungry when they wake up from their naps, and need a snack so they can make it through until dinner. So, I started making them healthy smoothies, or other frozen summery drinks, every afternoon, and it became a fun little tradition for us.

What better way to give them their snack and get some extra nutrition in them at the same time, all while they think they are getting a special treat every day?

And kids love to help make smoothies and other drinks! They can add the ingredients to the blender and push the buttons — just make sure the lid is on before they push start!

I’ve been gathering recipes to make for our afternoon smoothie snacks this summer. Here are 12 of the best ones I’ve found:

  • Basic Fruit Smoothie 1 of 12
    Basic Fruit Smoothie
    Fruit smoothies are so easy to throw together using whatever ingredients you have on hand. This basic fruit smoothie recipe is pretty similar to how we make ours, but I use plain yogurt, and a fresh, not frozen banana. You can use just about any combination of frozen fruit, and they always come out delicious!
    Get the recipe for a Basic Fruit Smoothie
  • Easy Healthy Strawberry Lemonade 2 of 12
    Easy Healthy Strawberry Lemonade
    We love making homemade lemonade, it's the perfect summer time drink. I love that this version includes frozen strawberries and stevia, and is blended together. Yum!
    Get the recipe for Easy Strawberry Lemonade
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake 3 of 12
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake
    This chocolate shake is actually healthy, and packs a healthy serving of protein! Your kids won't even know they're drinking something that's good for them!
    Get the recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake
  • Coconut Milk Berry Smoothie 4 of 12
    Coconut Milk Berry Smoothie
    Coconut milk makes smoothies so creamy, and adds just the right amount of coconut flavor and sweetness. And coconut milk is super healthy for you too. Whever I make a smoothie with coconut milk, my kids always think it is extra yummy!
    Get the recipe for Coconut Milk Berry Smoothie
  • Banana Milkshake 5 of 12
    Banana Milkshake
    Banana milkshakes were my favorite treat of the summer when I was growing up. I make a super basic one using 2 cups of vanilla ice cream, 1 cup of milk, and one banana. Not the healthiest ever, but so, so delicious and refreshing!
  • Homemade Strawberry Milk 6 of 12
    Homemade Strawberry Milk
    I have fond memories of drinking Nestle strawberry milk growing up, and my kids are always asking for strawberry milk from the store, but now that I can read the ingredient label, I'll pass on the artificial colors and flavors. This is a great recipe for homemade strawberry milk. It's even better if you make it and let is set in the fridge for a while, so the flavors can come together.
    Get the recipe for Homemade Strawberry Milk
  • Aloha Pineapple Shake 7 of 12
    Aloha Pineapple Shake
    Such a cool and refreshing summer drink that tastes like a vacation! I substitute coconut milk for the almond milk, and then leave out the option coconut, and maple syrup or honey for the agave syrup. I love that smoothie recipes are so easily customized to your own preferences!
    Get the recipe for Aloha Pineapple Shake
  • Green Smoothie 8 of 12
    Green Smoothie
    Want to get more leafy greens into your kid's diet, but not sure how? Serve them this great green smoothie, and they won't even know they're getting a healthy serving of spinach! This is a favorite for snacks and breakfast at our house!
    Get the recipe for Green Smoothies
  • Watermelon Smoothie 9 of 12
    Watermelon Smoothie
    Yum, there is something about a watermelon smoothie that is just so, so summer. A great way to use up extra watermelon, I like to freeze it before using it in the smoothie.
    Get the recipe for Watermelon Smoothies
  • Orange Push-Up Smoothie 10 of 12
    Orange Push-Up Smoothie
    Does the memory of Orange Push-Ups take you back to your youth? It does for me, and I can't wait to make this Orange Push-Up Smoothie for my kids. I know they will love it!
    Get the recipe for Orange Push-Up Smoothies
  • Berry-Cado Smoothie 11 of 12
    Berry-Cado Smoothie
    This is something I've been wanting to try — adding an avocado to a smoothie. I've heard it makes it really creamy, and avocados are so nutritious, it seems like the perfect addition to a healthy berry smoothie.
    Get the recipe for Berry-Cado Smoothie
  • Quick Pick-Me-Up: Iced Coffe 12 of 12
    Quick Pick-Me-Up: Iced Coffe
    This one is just for mama, when you need a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon nothing is better than an iced-coffee. But don't run out and spend big bucks at a coffee shop. You can make delicious iced coffee at home. It's amazing how easy it is, and how good it tastes. Go ahead and treat yourself mama, after making all those yummy drinks for your kiddos, you deserve it!
    How to Make Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

What your favorite frozen drink to make for your kids in the summertime?

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