Staying Cool In A Heat Wave


My regular readers are probably rolling their eyes, since so many of my posts seem to mention the weather here in Seattle. Maybe it’s because I’m an avid outdoors-lover by nature, or maybe it’s because I spend my days entertaining a cooped-up toddler, but the thermostat and forecast are things I have my eye on pretty much all the time here.

For most of the year, our weather is very mild – never too hot, never too cold, never too sunny. In our two years living in Seattle, I’ve gotten used to it, and have actually come to enjoy it. I hear stories about other parts of the country (and world!) dealing with negative or triple digit temperatures (depending on the time of year), and I’m grateful that we generally know what to expect here most of the time. Of course even Seattle likes to surprise us here and there though.

We’re in the middle of a heat wave! I know people living in alarmingly hot places are laughing at this, but for us these 90 degree temps are a rarity that we aren’t very well prepared to handle. Because our seasons are so mild, Seattle homes don’t have air conditioning.  Even the businesses are A/C free, so stores and restaurants provide little relief. We usually get hot, hot temps for a few days once each year – usually somewhere in August. So this early heat wave (that is lasting here for over a week!) is unexpected, and makes me nervous for what might come the rest of the summer.

Of course it’s not all bad. Yes, we are hot but with the sun and heat brings fun summer activities that Seattle-ites don’t really do very often. We’re opening up every window, cranking up every fan, and trying to embrace and have fun with it.

When I looked at the forecast a few days ago, I knew we needed to something fun for Cullen to do to stay cool. I went to our local household store and bought a cheap sprinkler—goodness knows our grass can use it too. He spent all of yesterday morning running through the sprinkler and laughing with delight, bringing back so many memories of me and my sister growing up in our backyard in Ohio, many many years ago.

He also has a water table that he loves to sail his little boats and cups through, and if the heat doesn’t let up I’m considering getting a small baby pool. I’ve also bought stock in sunscreen at the rate I am applying it. The fun thing about toddlers and kids is that they don’t mind being hot, and rarely complain about being uncomfortable. To them, it’s all summertime fun and a chance to get wet or muddy. I’m doing my best to shelve all my worries about too much sun-exposure (the kid is covered head to toe after all) and just enjoy watching him run around in something as simple, and as awesome as a sprinkler.



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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