Stop Taking Parenting So Seriously!

Sarcasm … it is how I get through life. It’s my coping mechanism for stress, the way I deal with awkward moments, and of course it is almost completely my sense of humor.

I have always been this way, as long as I can remember. Especially during my interesting teen years.

It wasn’t until I became a parent, and of course a blogger that I realized how many people in our world simply do not understand sarcasm. Whether they make an active choice to take everything in life so literally, or they just want to be rude and put you down for looking for humor in certain situations. Heck, there are some people out there who flat out just don’t get it.

Today is one of those parenting soap box kind of days.


Because there is nothing wrong with keeping the humor in parenting. Just because someone shares a funny e-card on parenting or makes a joke about needing a gallon of wine by the end of a stressful day, doesn’t automatically throw them into the bad parent category. Nor does it mean you can’t handle your children. It simply means you react to stress and life differently than some.

Some of the most caring and genuine people I have met in real life (who are also bloggers) are hysterical, and also write in heavy sarcasm about their children.  I am talking about Jill Krause, the witty voice behind I am sure she gets people who don’t “get” her either, but I guess in the end it is their loss, right?

The fact is, we don’t hate our kids.
We can handle them just fine.
We are doing a great job raising the next generation of respectful little people.

We accept that parenting isn’t always going to be cuddles and kisses. There is poop and puke. There are temper tantrums and those sippy cups under the seat in the minivan that were once filled with milk, about six months ago. There is going to be drama with school and daycare. There will be those school plays and concerts that melt our hearts.

And through it all, there will be amazing one-liners in which our children may become the butt of a joke. It is life, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Maybe if more people laughed and smiled more the world would be a better place?


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