Stroll Down Memory Lane: More Cool Vintage Toys


Since everyone loved my first post about vintage toys toddlers would love, I figured I would put together a couple more… always fun right?

While most of these are all toddler-friendly toys, some require some hardcore parental supervision!   I can’t believe our parents left us alone with some of them when we were kids.  Lite-Brite?  Talk about a giant choking hazard!  For real!

Do you know how many of those little pegs I could have eaten when I was a kid if I was actually hungry?  I was that kid that NEVER wanted to eat!  

Sit back, relax, and enjoy another stroll down memory lane with me!

We will be taking on everything from Lite-Brite to Teddy Ruxpin… remember him?  You know you had one too!

What was your favorite vintage toy, or toy from your childhood?

  • Lite-Brite 1 of 13
    I loved this thing! I could sit there for hours upon hours and just play!
  • Old School Nintendo 2 of 13
    Old School Nintendo
    The way kids today can rock video games like Wii and Xbox at 2 and 3 years old, I have no doubt in my mind they would have mastered Nintendo!
  • View Finder 3 of 13
    View Finder
    Surprisingly... they STILL make these! They have Toy Story, Car's and modern day movie and cartoon view finder slides available!
  • Fisher Price Doctors Kit 4 of 13
    Fisher Price Doctors Kit
    Remember this? I bet you had one if you were a child of the 70's or 80's! I know I had one!
  • Speak and Spell 5 of 13
    Speak and Spell
    This was the "computer" to have when I was a kid!
  • Barbie’s Star Traveler 6 of 13
    Barbie's Star Traveler
    You know it is the bus you wanted your Barbies to travel in! Between this, and the Barbie Camper, you could fit every Barbie you had in them!
  • Care Bears! 7 of 13
    Care Bears!
    Who didn't love Care Bears? I really wish they were still around for my own kids!
  • ALF! 8 of 13
    I had all the ALF toys! I also had the tapes... I mean, what kid doesn't love an alien that eats cats? I still had the first season in DVD box set! I know, I am a dork!
  • KOOSH! 9 of 13
    Not the most exciting toy, but you know you had 12 of these just like I did!
  • Disney Pop Up Pals 10 of 13
    Disney Pop Up Pals
    Disney, Sesame Street... I think I had them all! Who doesn't enjoy hours of open, close, open, close, open, close...
  • Glow Worms 11 of 13
    Glow Worms
    I know I had one as a kid, and loved it. And actually they still make a new version of them! My daughter has one and loved it!
  • Teddy Ruxpin 12 of 13
    Teddy Ruxpin
    Who didn't have one and love him? I adored my Teddy Ruxpin! He was my favorite toy!
  • Bow Biters! 13 of 13
    Bow Biters!
    I had these for my shoes. Actually this weekend while I was at my parents house I found an old Mickey Mouse one from my childhood!

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Fisher Price Doctor Set
Speak and Spell
Barbie Star Traveler
Care bears
Disney Pop Up Pals
Glow Worm
Teddy Ruxpen
Bow Biters


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