Swimming Pools Are Just Big Potties

woohoo! let’s be gross!

Okay, friends.  I need you to do me a big favor and set down that sandwich or snack or $5.00 caramel macchiatto for this post.

::sets down own overpriced coffee drink::

You know those blissful afternoons spent at the neighborhood pool?  The sun is shining and there’s laughter all around and you brought the latest copy of Real Simple.  You know there’s going to be an epic nap at the end of this, not to mention a little summer glow on your carefully-sunscreened skin.  It’s the perfect summer day!

Too bad one in four people are currently peeing in that pool.  Which means that if you look at the picture to the left, roughly five people are relieving themselves of Capri Sun.  And that’s only based on the folks in the study that actually admitted it.

I think it goes back to the the days of childhood where swimming was just too fun to bother getting out of the pool to go potty.  Not to mention that going potty with a wet bathing suit is never fun with the fabric and toilet paper sticking to you.  Plus, the rumor was that chlorine killed any of the nasty pee germs.

Here’s the gross part – 56% of public pools fail to meet the proper chlorine and pH balance needed to kill the germs in urine.  Plus sweat and fecal matter and other ickies that can’t get killed off, leading to the growth of some nasty bacterias like E.coli.  The best way to combat this is to a) shower before you hop in the pool and b) teach your kids that it’s worth the hassle to climb out.

After all, what makes their eyes sting so bad after swimming is really the chemical reaction between urine and chlorine.  So they can thank their friends for the burning sensation.  (please, oh please, let that be the last time they thank their friend for a burning sensation!)

A fastidious parent could take pH test strips to a pool to check for healthy chemical levels before taking a dip, but I have to admit that between the towels, sunscreens, and snacks that it’s not high on my list.  So maybe that urban legend of pools turning purple when you pee should be true…



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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