Symptoms of Toddler Pneumonia

symptoms of pneumonia in a toddlerHarrison coughed for about a week before I considered that it might be something a little more serious than a stereotypical “daycare cough.”  Because let’s be honest – kids in daycare get sick and it’s fall and the sniffles/cough just aren’t anything to get my dander up about anymore.  It’s just a part of life now.  We gave him over-the-counter medicine in the evenings to help him sleep on the rough days and made sure he was eating plenty of fruit and veggies for extra vitamins.

On Monday night, he spiked a fever and I took him in to the pediatrician where he was diagnosed with bronchitis but after another night of high fevers, he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

My little baby, not even three years old, with pneumonia?  I felt horribly for him but thankfully, didn’t feel much guilt. There was just no way of knowing how his lungs would progress like that and I’m thankful for modern medicine to combat it.  On the other hand, I will be paying much closer attention to his cough in the future!

Here are signs that your toddler might have pneumonia:

  • high fever
  • “barking” wheeze when they breathe in
  • productive cough (aka you hear gunk in the lungs)
  • rapid breathing
  • loss of appetite
  • complaining of the back or chest hurting

If you see these symptoms, get the kiddo to the doctor as soon as possible!  They can prescribe antibiotics or a shot to help them feel better quickly.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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