T-Shirt Slogans Every Toddler Should Wear

misunderstood t-shirt.
The truth about toddlers on t-shirts.

There’s nothing I love/hate to see more than a toddler screaming on the floor of a department store wearing a t-shirt that says “Mommy’s Little Angel.”

Let’s call it like it is, people. I’ve looked far and wide and while there are plenty of t-shirts with inappropriate slogans like “I’m A Boob Man” available for purchase, ┬áno t-shirt I’ve seen really tells us the truth about toddlers, and what they’re thinking at any given moment.

Perhaps if they walk around with these slogans instead, we’d see them in a new light.


Well, at least we’ll get a little laugh, then.

Here are 11 Toddler T-shirt Slogans with some truthful toddler thoughts.

  • Don’t Push My Buttons 1 of 11
    Don't Push My Buttons
    But please let me push all of yours, both literally and figuratively.
  • I know why you want me to take a nap. 2 of 11
    I know why you want me to take a nap.
    Why do you need time to yourself, Mommy? Are you tired of me? Just tired? Maybe you want to look at Facebook.
  • I’m Multilingual. 3 of 11
    I'm Multilingual.
    What's better than just "no?"
    "No" in 5 languages.
  • Hold The Vegetables. 4 of 11
    Hold The Vegetables.
    It's easier to have it on a t-shirt, this way I don't have to bother with the "no" in 5 languages.
  • Manipulator 5 of 11
    Who says manipulation is a bad thing? It just means someone who moves stuff around, right? Just pretend that word "control" isn't in there, 'kay?
  • I want it on my terms. 6 of 11
    I want it on my terms.
    I'm sorry, but nothing else will do. You got a problem with that?
  • Give me your phone and no one gets hurt. 7 of 11
    Give me your phone and no one gets hurt.
    I won't hurl something at you, that is, unless the screaming doesn't work.
  • I’m not above public tantrums. 8 of 11
    I'm not above public tantrums.
    Public park? Check. The Gap? Check. Trader Joe's? Check.
  • Cute. Unpredictable. You’re a little scared, aren’t you? 9 of 11
    Cute. Unpredictable. You're a little scared, aren't you?
    It's hard to believe someone this cute could be so unpredictable, right?
    Stick around.
  • Is there something in that bag I can wreck? 10 of 11
    Is there something in that bag I can wreck?
    ...or something I can use to wreck something else? That red lipstick is perfect!!
  • Misunderstood. 11 of 11
    Aren't we all just a little bit misunderstood? Toddlers and teenagers, at least.

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