Take a Break from the Usual Back-to-School Routine

Picnic time!

Most moms can tell you that the one of the only ways they can make it through a day of child herding is by adhering to a routine.

I’m one of those moms.

Most days of the week are scheduled around the same routine. But it’s a flexible routine. For example, every day we get up, eat breakfast, get ready and take Violet to her pre-school class at the YMCA. But instead of coming home every day Henry and I like to mix it up. We might wander around the little town and window shop, we might pick up a couple groceries, we might stroller up and roll along the walkway that runs next to the river — any number of things.

And then, without fail, we head home and Henry naps for a few hours until it’s time for lunch and to pick up Violet. Then we get flexible again. We may go to the duck park, we might go to the lake or we might go hiking. But we always, always take our snacks with us in case we need to have an impromptu picnic.

The only way to pack snacks, as far as I’m concerned, is loading up Ziploc bags. That way we can plop down whenever and wherever we want and have a picnic.

Just like we did yesterday. Dinosaur-shaped sandwiches, Goldfish, raisins and cookies for dessert – they all fit perfectly in our little picnic bag. Check out some shots of our day:

  • Into The Woods 1 of 5
    Into The Woods
    The whole lunch plus two thermoses of juice fit into that tiny purple bag. That's why Ziploc rules.
  • Picnic Time! 2 of 5
    Picnic Time!
    That's us picnicking in the background, anyway. Hank had other plans.
  • Mom and Violet 3 of 5
    Mom and Violet
    See? Breaks from the usual routine pay off!
  • Hank The Tank 4 of 5
    Hank The Tank
    He's a mad man! The kid doesn't sit still even to snack on cookies.
  • Dinosaur Sandwiches 5 of 5
    Dinosaur Sandwiches
    Four dino sandwiches fit in one Ziploc.



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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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