Taking a Comparative Look: Is There a Safer Way to Vaccinate?

Delayed Vaccination ScheduleCue the haters, the protagonists/antagonists and the general ruckus that ensues when vaccinations get discussed on the internet. Or in real life for that matter.

The truth in our home isn’t pretty. I was leaning towards being against vaccinations, yet after hours and hours of research I didn’t feel completely solid in my stance. I needed to do more and in the meantime I was easily swayed by our pediatrician and my partner. You see, he was very much FOR vaccinations. As was our doctor, who offered me no information on delayed immunizations.

In knowing how radically vaccines have increased in both timing and amounts over the years, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was contributing to the widespread increase of ADD/ADHD, allergies, asthma, seizures and chronic illnesses occurring in our children today. For me, the three biggest factors contributing to these frightening increases are the state of the environment, the food we’re eating and yes – vaccines. It’s all too much, too heartbreaking and real to simply be coincidence. I suppose I’m also one of those conspiracy theorizing wing-nuts who doesn’t believe everything the government tells me and that there are some pretty shady partnerships betwixt food ‘companies’, pharma companies and the government revolving around lots of PROFIT, very little ethics and indeed not always our health.

The ingredients in vaccines are hard to ignore. Even when stated as being administered in such ‘trace amounts,’ the delicacy of many little babies’ and toddlers’ immune systems are too fragile to take for granted when the number of vaccinations we are supposed to give them only continues to increase.

After many debates and arguments with my partner, I gave up my research because the more I researched and engaged my partner in conversation about my findings, the more we argued. I decided after a while, I didn’t want to know more. It took hours and hours and hours and then even more hours in research and still, I wasn’t confident in my findings because for every article or doctor I found that was against vaccines, there were more that claimed to have the ‘right’ science-based knowledge backing up the extreme importance of vaccinations.

So this is my confession. It was too time consuming. The debate about immunizations took up too much negative space in my relationship.

As the years have passed, I’ve of course not been able to help myself. The only thing keeping from me really delving in is my conscience. In that it’s too late now. Both of our kids are immunized and I’d be lying if I said I felt good about it. So I don’t want to know more. Even so, I have too many intelligent friends who have taken the time, years of their lives dedicated to this research. I’ve got to think there’s something behind their findings.

I’m definitely not about to think they’re absurd or deserve to be arrested for criminal negligence for endangering their children and other people’s children. An ending argument I really don’t understand. If your kids are immunized, how in the heck would they catch any of the diseases those vaccinations are supposed to make them immune from catching?

I wish I had of known then what I know now. If I had known about delayed vaccinations, I would have made that our compromise and I think my partner would have agreed to it. We’re a lot better at making compromises these days, especially when it comes to parenting decisions.

If you’re unsure like I was, I highly recommend that you become fully informed about each disease and vaccine so you can understand if there is a safer way to vaccinate your children. I didn’t and I regret it. Especially after my daughter had a couple of mild febrile seizures beginning around this time last year and a really scary one not 2 weeks after we did a ‘catch-up’ (feel free to ask why we were catching up in the comments), round of vaccinations in the summer. I’ll never know for sure I suppose if there’s a link, if any.

Do you follow the CDC’s schedule, Dr. Sears’ delayed schedule or do you have none done at all?

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