Taking Better Pictures of My Kids – Weeks 2 & 3

I am really enjoying being purposeful about taking more pictures of my kiddos and I think that even the little bit I have learned so far about adjusting the settings on my camera are really making a difference in my pictures.

Taking better pictures really is as easy as just reading your camera manual and then just messing around with the settings while you take a bunch of pictures, to find what looks best. That’s what I’m doing right now anyway.

I’m still struggling with taking pictures indoors and getting good lighting. Could be ’cause it’s the middle of winter and we live in the middle of perma-cloud country. So any light we get through our windows is not really great light. So, I may try to find more tips or tutorials on Pinterest to help me with that.

I also found this great check list of pictures to take each month of the year. I need to get started on the list for January!

Here are my pictures from the last two weeks, I think I’m getting a little better — what do you think?

  • At the Ice Rink 1 of 11
    At the Ice Rink
    We took the kids ice skating last weekend - they were so excited to go. It was a beautiful day with good lighting, but I was too busy trying to help them skate to get too many good pictures.
  • Ice Skating 2 of 11
    Ice Skating
    The kids had fun, but it was hard to take them around - they were so funny, slipping and sliding all over the place! (And yes, my son is wearing pink skates - the joys of hand-me-downs from an older sister!)
  • Running Shirt 3 of 11
    Running Shirt
    We had nice weather the beginning of last week and my husband took the kids on a run. Bren thought that he was actually going to run, and wanted to put on a running shirt like daddy - which was one of his t-shirts. His sister told him it looked like he was wearing a dress, but he didn't believe her, he was adamant it was his "running" shirt!
  • Happy! 4 of 11
    I love this look on my daughter's face and the lighting. These pictures were taken in manual, I was adjusting the settings to find the right lighting for outside.
  • Sad! 5 of 11
    He was sad about something, I can't remember what it was now, but I love the color, and the way he is in focus and the background is not.
  • Snack time 6 of 11
    Snack time
    While eating a snack one morning, Bren decided to make a tower with his orange peel. I'm still trying to figure out the right settings to get the best pictures inside. There is a window right behind me that provides natural light, but somehow the lighting still seems off to me.
  • Let the sun shine! 7 of 11
    Let the sun shine!
    Bren was lying on the floor and reading a book and it was too cute not to take a picture. The sun was streaming in through the window behind him, and I was adjusting the settings on my camera to find the right lighting. Not sure how I managed this picture, but I love the sun rays shining down on him.
  • Reading 8 of 11
    And I think I kind of got the lighting figured out in this picture. Adjusting the ISO for different lighting situations is another important, but simple, thing to learn to do on your camera.
  • Play time 9 of 11
    Play time
    I was taking pictures for another slideshow this week, trying different settings in manual. I'm not sure what to do about the glare of light on the floor? I had the window shade open for more natural light.
  • A Lesson Learned 10 of 11
    A Lesson Learned
    Can you see my reflection in the metal panel around the door knob? I'm learning that it's paying attention to the little details like this that make the difference between a good picture and a not so good one.
  • Sister and Brother 11 of 11
    Sister and Brother
    Kaelyn wanted in on the picture action, and I love taking pictures of them together, but it is SO hard to get them both looking at the camera with cute faces at the same time! Any suggestions?

Have you been being intentional about taking pictures of your kids this year?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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