While You Were Bathing: 10 Little Tasks You Can Complete While Your Toddler is in the Tub

┬áVivi is finally at that magical age where plopping her in a few inches of water with several slotted spoons and foam toys is THE place to be. She understands ‘sit down’ and for the most part a majority of the water stays inside the tub. For anyone who has ever parented a toddler, there comes a time when the tub isn’t just about getting clean, it becomes a contained place of entertainment for a little person and depending on the set up of your bathroom, it can mean a few moments to get a little something done for yourself.

We’re fortunate enough to have two tubs in our house, both situated slightly differently so depending on what I want or need to get done while Vivi is playing with ponies in the bathtub, I can can get one or two quick little things accomplished. I’ve made a list of my 10 favorites and what to have on hand and ready in the bathroom for the moment tub time starts.

  • Give yourself a little mani/pedi! 1 of 10
    Give yourself a little mani/pedi!
    While I certainly wouldn't go painting my nails while Vivi was in the tub, I have no problem removing old polish, trimming my nails down and polishing them to a subtle sheen. I have always taken great pride in my nails and it's certainly a little way to make you feel a lot more put together. Just keep a little box or jar in the bathroom with clippers, a file, an orange stick, some cuticle cream, some cotton rounds, and some polish remover.
  • Write a card! 2 of 10
    Write a card!
    Remember snail mail and how we always used to use it to send cards and well wishes? I have a bin of cards I've collected over the years, funny ones, serious ones, and just because ones. I love that when someone pops into my head I can grab a card, write it out and mail it off, letting them know I was thinking about them. Keep pens, stamps and return address labels in the bin as well (otherwise you'll forget and never get the cards sent.) Before I put Vivi in the tub I put my bin in the bathroom so it's ready to go.
  • Mask yourself! 3 of 10
    Mask yourself!
    Do you have one of those peel off or dry on masks in your house? Maybe one of those nose strips? Apply one right after your child is in the tub and guess what? It will be ready for peeling, washing, scrubbing or tearing off right about the time your toddler is dried off and clothed.
  • Scrub the outside of that toilet! 4 of 10
    Scrub the outside of that toilet!
    Ew. Depending on who uses the toilet in your house it could be pretty darn nasty. Since the potty is right by the tub in Vivi's bathroom I can easily give it a good exterior steam cleaning with my trusty handheld steamer while keeping a close and immediate eye on Vivi. It's one of those chores that doesn't take long, but you just don't want to do it.
  • Get yourself ready! 5 of 10
    Get yourself ready!
    One of our tubs is positioned so a mirror is on the other side, meaning I can apply makeup or curl my hair with Vivi in full view. My dad's house has a farmhouse sink in the bathroom which is perfect to let Vivi play with a little stream of water while I put a few finishing touches on my face.
  • Wash your brushes! 6 of 10
    Wash your brushes!
    Some people find this task cathartic, others loathe it. Regardless of how you feel about it it's something that needs to be done if you use makeup and hair brushes. Assuming your sink is right next to the tub go ahead and wash, scrub and rinse those babies to their former fluffy glory.
  • Tidy up the bathroom! 7 of 10
    Tidy up the bathroom!
    Depending on how old your child is and how well they behave in the tub, have a few items already in the bathroom (don't go leaving your kid in the tub while you go to grab a sponge now) so you can spiff up the smaller areas. Sweep the corners, dust the baseboards, wipe down the mirror or give the interior of the toilet a good ol' scrub. You'd be surprised how much a few little tasks add up to once you're done. Talk to your child in the tub as you scrub, it makes it far less boring for both of you if you wax poetic about dust bunnies and those damn white spots on the mirror.
  • Go through old makeup! 8 of 10
    Go through old makeup!
    If you're anything like me you probably have a bin, basket, or bag graveyard of old makeup, half used samples and blue eyeliner that you *thought* would be a good idea. Pull up the garbage can because now's your chance to go through it, sharpen those still good eyeliners and chuck the clumpy old mascaras and too-orange blushes.
  • Browse a catalog! 9 of 10
    Browse a catalog!
    I have what I call "the counter of doom." It's where all my mail lands and 90% of the time it could be considered out of control. Before Vivi's in the tub I'll grab a handful of catalogs (I don't care if I can find it all online, I love browsing through a good catalog) and flip through them quickly. I don't ever buy anything out of them, but I sure do like seeing what's out there (and buying it online if I really want it.)
  • Clean that inbox! 10 of 10
    Clean that inbox!
    Assuming you can do this right next to the tub and bail on your laptop or gadgetry quickly just in case, go ahead and delete some of those crummy spam emails. I wouldn't suggest replying to emails or doing anything that would take your attention away for too long, but for me deleting is pretty easy and I have Vivi in sight the whole time. I can usually get about 10 minutes of inbox clearing or work in while Vivi splashes, spoons and sifts her bath water. (And 10 minutes is A LOT when it comes to un-junking your inbox.)

Another option if you’re not into filling a tub with water is filling a big plastic tub or bowl with water and toys and placing it and your diapered (or naked) toddler in with it for some fun water play. (Also an option if you only have a stand up shower, bless you apartment dwellers, I was once there too.)


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