Teaching My Toddler About the Gift of Giving This Holiday Season

Teaching My Toddler About the Gift of Giving This Holiday SeasonMy daughter is still a little young to understand much about the holiday season, but she is old enough to start learning about giving. I know that kids love receiving presents during the holidays, but I really want hr to know that Christmas is not just about receiving – it is also about giving.

She is almost two now and she is in a stage where she loves to help me with anything and everything, so I thought she would be at a good age to help me pick out toys for other children. I decided we would donate stocking stuffers to a local non-profit called With Love. They are an organization that helps foster kids and their foster families and I thought she would enjoy being a part of choosing the items for the children.

We went shopping and before heading out we talked about how she has a lot of things – good food to eat and fun toys to plays with – and how some kids don’t have these things. I told her we were going to choose presents for these kids. I realize that developmentally she is still too young to really “get it”, but I wanted to start teaching her about this anyway, if nothing more than to begin creating a routine of giving.

She loved getting to walk through the store and help choose items – she helped me pick out balls and puzzles, art supplies and essentials like toothbrushes. I think she still kind of thought all of the things she was choosing would be for her, but it was a fun thing to include her in nonetheless and I look forward to doing it again each year as she gets older and can understand it more.

Do any of you have any traditions of giving that you include your child in? How do you help them understand the idea of giving? I’d love some ideas!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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