Ten Truths about Toddlers: What Parents Should Know

Congratulations! You’re now the parent of a toddler.

Let me be the first to welcome you to a world of big girl beds and sippy cups, of vanishing naps and escalating temper tantrums.

It’s a loud, messy place and it’s frequently  occasionally frustrating but I’m happy to call it home.

When I think about the changes my toddler is experiencing right before my eyes, it’s truly remarkable. She’s gone through so many transitions in such a short period of time- potty training, ditching her binky, and starting preschool to name a few- that I can excuse some of her more terrifying demanding behavior.

I mean, I acted out when Regis retired so I can hardly blame my daughter for resisting change.

Here’s the thing about parenting: with every age and stage come new challenges. Here are 10 things I wish I’d known when I was a new toddler mom- some are silly, some are serious, but they’re all toddler truths.

Add yours in the comments!

  • Don’t Put Your Toddler In a Swing… 1 of 10
    Don't Put Your Toddler In a Swing...
    ...if you don't plan to spend approximately 3 hours pushing him. Seriously. They can't get enough.
    Photo Credit Land Camera Land Camera/Flickr.
  • Tantrums Wait for No Man. 2 of 10
    Tantrums Wait for No Man.
    Whether you're at the kitchen table or out in public (ESPECIALLY if you're out in public), tantrums are inevitable. This little guy is obviously not impressed by the parade.
    Photo Credit Mavis/Flickr.
  • Naps Strike When You Least Expect Them. 3 of 10
    Naps Strike When You Least Expect Them.
    The irony is that you can spend an hour trying to get them to relax for naptime to no avail. Of course when you leave the room for a minute, though, they've given in to the nap. Either way, I'll take it!
    Photo Credit Jessicafm/Flickr.
  • They Hate Pants. 4 of 10
    They Hate Pants.
    Why? I do not know. But by dern it's a fact, Jack.
    Photo Credit Bethany L. King/Flickr
  • You Think They’re Little Until This Happens. 5 of 10
    You Think They're Little Until This Happens.
    When I brought my daughter home from the hospital my then 23 month old son looked like Andre the Giant. His previously tiny hands and feet looked like Shaquille O'Neil's compared to hers. There's nothing like a newborn to change your perspective!
    Photo Credit Erin KKR/Flickr.
  • They’re All About the Drama. 6 of 10
    They're All About the Drama.
    Every occasion has potential for drama when you're with a toddler.
    Photo Credit Gas Station Sushi/Flickr.
  • They’re Masters of Disguise. 7 of 10
    They're Masters of Disguise.
    I mustache you a question. What have you done with my toddler?
    Photo Credit Robin Farr.
  • When They Have an Opinion They Don’t Hold Back. 8 of 10
    When They Have an Opinion They Don't Hold Back.
    Toddlers aren't known for their subtlety. Whether they want you to hold them or if they need a refill in their sippy cups, don't worry- they'll let you know.
    Photo Credit: Carbajal/Flickr.
  • They Still Need Mommy. 9 of 10
    They Still Need Mommy.
    Toddlers may think they're big kids, but truth is, they still need their mamas when they're in a tight spot.
    Photo Credit Angela Amman.
  • You Never Know Where the Next Adventure Will Take You. 10 of 10
    You Never Know Where the Next Adventure Will Take You.
    Every day's an adventure when you have a toddler. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Mary Lauren Weimer is a social worker turned mother turned writer. Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, encourages moms to put down the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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