That Time We Went Apple Picking & Liked It

As we drove down the last turn to the apple orchard, all of a sudden we were in bumper to bumper traffic.

On a country dirt road. Out in the middle of nowhere.


Because it was the last weekend for apple picking at our local organic apple orchard. Apparently going apple picking is toppers for families to do together. Like going to the pumpkin farm, so I get it.

It was still rather bizarre, especially when one lady, who was so anxious to get to that apple orchard, that she drove precariously along the side of the road, hugging the ditch so that she could barge past the traffic. Which didn’t perturb either the mister or I, such odd and rude behaviour only warrants amusement. I mean, really.

I suppose we are easily entertained. Which explains why our experience at the apple orchard is something that I’m coveting and fawning over like it’s the last beer in my fridge or last pair of Frye boots on sale for 50% off. In. My. Size. (Yes my friends,  apple picking is that huge. And also yes, I am obsessed with beer and Frye boots. And also my children. And also now, currently all baked things apple.)

20 Ways Apple Picking Is One of The Best Family Activities. Ever. 

  • Born This Way 1 of 20
    Born This Way
    He's never seen Star Wars, yet he masters the notion that all things long and pointy are in fact a light saber. Weird. Kids must be born with the knowledge of the light saber. And Abby? Well, she's just all sass and all adorable all the time.
  • Pickin’ Pro 2 of 20
    Pickin' Pro
    We had to show him nothing. He immediately knew what this apple picking thing was all about and got right to it.
  • Action Shot 3 of 20
    Action Shot
    As seen mid-stream, serious crunch going on here.
  • Killing It 4 of 20
    Killing It
    Apple: dead. Toddler boy: winning.
  • Toddler Pride 5 of 20
    Toddler Pride
    Showing me the chomped on fruits of his labour. Beaming pride and joy.
  • Rare Elfin Baby Sighting 6 of 20
    Rare Elfin Baby Sighting
    It must be the shoes. Either way, this kid loves to roll around in the grass.
  • Fly By Giggle Fit 7 of 20
    Fly By Giggle Fit
    Clearly having no fun at all. I can totally get behind the fact that letting my children run around like wild banshees at an apple tree farm may very well be the highlight of what they won't remember when they're older. *Snicker*
  • I Don’t Care Anyways 8 of 20
    I Don't Care Anyways
    What she will or will not remember. All that matters is that this moment happened and my heart soared right along with hers.
  • Discovery 9 of 20
    'Wait!!! What's this?! ZOMG Mama! The apples, I'm going to eat all of the little apples!!!' Which she then proceeded to do.
  • 1st Apple 10 of 20
    1st Apple
    Speaking of which, this was the first time she was given a whole apple and she pretty much owned it and would not let it go no matter how many times she tumbled. Which was a lot.
  • Pure Apple Love 11 of 20
    Pure Apple Love
    The world of fascinating things through my baby girl's eyes. Such moments make me wonder what I'm complaining about regarding this parenting thing half the time. What? It's only half the time. The rest of the time I can dig it.
  • Inspecting The Goods 12 of 20
    Inspecting The Goods
    She marvelled for ages over her beloved apple. Surely she must have been wondering where these magical, delicious things came from and how she got to be so lucky to have one in her life. Surely.
  • Toddler Ladder 13 of 20
    Toddler Ladder
    Just so you know, this is a grand way to get all of the good apples. Secrets revealed.
  • Victorious 14 of 20
    See? It's a win-win situation for all involved. My little guy was having a blast and was so proud of himself for picking all the 'weely good ones'. We were happy to have our sack loaded up with visions of warm baked apple goods floating through our heads.
  • Poser 15 of 20
    Recently, this ridiculously good looking child of mine has gotten into smiling and making silly faces for the camera. Little ham.
  • Oblivious 16 of 20
    This one here, she's just doin' her thang and is completely oblivious to the lens. Clearly, possessed with running wild and eating all of the apples.
  • “Dat Souuuuerrr!” 17 of 20
    "Dat Souuuuerrr!"
    Proclaimed he, eating up every last round and crisp inch.
  • Toddler Antics 18 of 20
    Toddler Antics
    Oy. This face. He's making it on the regular for the lens. Wonder what he's trying to say?
  • And Again… 19 of 20
    And Again...
    It would appear that I have a little comic on my hands, surely destined for drama and theatre if he's anything like his father.
  • Apple Pandemonium 20 of 20
    Apple Pandemonium
    As it got time to leave, this little one had to have as many apples grasped in her chubby wee hands that she could muster. Who knew that apple picking would make my heart burst so?

What is you favourite Fall-time activity to do as a family?

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