The 10 Best Big Girl Bedding Sets

Earlier I was offering up bedding options to the toddler boy mommas who face a really tough decision – give into the character or give into the momma? Hopefully there were several suggestions to help make compromise!

I admit that I don’t know anything about raising girls, other than the fact that I once was a small girl. As a toddler, my room was pink (not my choice) and my bedspread was Strawberry Shortcake (totally my choice). As I grew up, it was filled with posters of kittens and stuffed animals and creme painted furniture trimmed with gold paint. It was feminine and girly and lovely.

I don’t have a little girl, but these are my top picks for keeping things fun for the kid and pretty for her mom:

  • It’s all so pretty! 1 of 14

    Click through for thirteen very pretty girl bedding sets that both you and your toddler will love!

  • Getting dotty with it 2 of 14

    I love this because it's pretty and fun, a little quirky, but not stuffy and boring. Just like a toddler!

    Buy here: Target

  • Not into pink? 3 of 14

    That's okay! Not every girl likes pink or overly girly things. This spread is perfect for keeping things mod and colorful.

    Buy here: Target

  • Horsing around 4 of 14

    As a little girl, I adored horses. This would have totally been something I would pick (and would still pick for my own little girl, if I had one!).

    Buy here: Target

  • Are owls still popular? 5 of 14

    Owls may be on their way "out" when it comes to trends, but this mixture of pink and yellow and green is so fun. The material is also like a sleeping bag, which is easy to wipe down after bedtime accidents.

    Buy here: Target

  • Not quite a princess 6 of 14

    Is it weird that I would totally use this if my husband wouldn't object? I love the combo of pink and aqua. It let's it be girly without vomiting princess all over the place.

    Buy here: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Grandma chic 7 of 14

    This makes me think of Anne of Green Gables for some reason. Like a little room in the back corner of a house near a flowering tree, covered in a quilt. It seems so perfectly cozy for a quiet little girl.

    Buy here: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Budding ballerina 8 of 14

    Raising a future bun head? This lovely chocolate and creamy-pink combination is perfect. It's not over-the-top, but the pink matches iconic ballet slippers and is subtle in showing her love for dance.

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • Princess and the Pea 9 of 14

    I was sold at the pea pillow, but OH MY GOSH at the different fabrics and embroidery! This might be my favorite out of them all.

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • Ruffles! 10 of 14

    I swooned when I saw this. The ruffles! The color! My only fear would be how easy it is to wash - bedtime accidents, yo.

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • Your little mermaid 11 of 14

    I doubt they make Little Mermaid bedding out there (and I don't know if you'd want Ariel all over!), so this is a great compromise for your sea-lover.

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • (Sleepily) Ever After 12 of 14

    For the fan of princess stories at bedtime, a castle with an top-most tower and clouds to carry her dreams.

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • Polka dots are the new chevron 13 of 14

    Need something bold, that mixes modern fun and whimsical girlhood? Look no further than ruffled polka dots in a bold pattern. This will last well into the tween years for style!

    Buy here: Land of Nod

  • Put a bird on it 14 of 14

    It's girly but mature, something she can love for the colors now but grow into. This is also great if your little girl's room doubles as a guest bedroom (mine did when I was growing up!) so your guests aren't sleeping on ponies or princesses.

    Buy here: Land of Nod


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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