The 12 Coolest Toddler Beds

Toddler beds range from simple and affordable to out of this world modern style.

People used to ask me all the time, “When will you move Harrison to a toddler bed?” and I would stare at them in horror.  WHY WOULD I WANT TO REMOVE THE BABY CAGE CRIB?  Give him freedom?  ARE YOU NUTS?

Then one day during nap, I opened his door to catch him right as he launched himself over the crib railing.  My heart nearly stopped, but I found the wrench and took off the front of the crib.  A few days later, we added a small half-rail and after only two nights of misery, our kiddo adapted quickly to his toddler bed.

We added a few special blankets and a pillow to solidify his “big boy status,” and I have to admit that I find his room even more darling than I did before.  Oh, and watching him crawl into the bed at night, complete with footed jammies?  My heart nearly explodes every time from the sweetness.

We chose to go the simple route with a Munire convertible crib and matching rail, but there are so many cool options to choose for your slumbering tot!

What is your favorite?

  • Lightning McQueen $349.99 1 of 12
    Lightning McQueen $349.99
    Ca-chow! Any fan of Cars would have sweet dreams of Piston Cup victory in this bed.
    Photo Credit: Little Tikes
  • Thomas the Train $279.99 2 of 12
    Thomas the Train $279.99
    It wouldn't be a toddler list without the little blue engine that could.
    Photo Credit: Little Tikes
  • Fire truck to the rescue! $174.99 3 of 12
    Fire truck to the rescue! $174.99
    The rescue team is here! I love the simplicity and classic nature of this bed.
    Photo Credit: KidKraft
  • Fit for a Princess $152.99 4 of 12
    Fit for a Princess  $152.99
    Pinks and princesses and crowns, oh my! Sure to sweeten up any room with this four-poster toddler bed.
    Photo Credit: KidKraft
  • All aboard a toddler boat! $192.92 5 of 12
    All aboard a toddler boat!  $192.92
    How cool is this? Perfect for a nautical-themed room.
    Photo Credit: KidKraft
  • Modern Toddler Bed 6 of 12
    Modern Toddler Bed
    For those with more streamlined tastes, this platform toddler bed fits the bill!
    Photo Credit: KidKraft
  • A simple Gulliver Bed $149.99 7 of 12
    A simple Gulliver Bed $149.99
    Ikea does it again! This simple bed is perfectly priced and can be painted any color.
    Photo Credit: Ikea
  • Kura Reversible Bed $199.00 8 of 12
    Kura Reversible Bed $199.00
    Put the bed up high (like above) for older kids or flip the entire thing upside down for a low bed fit for tots.
    Photo Credit: Ikea
  • A whimsical Mammut $159.99 9 of 12
    A whimsical Mammut $159.99
    This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with it's curve and whimsical color.
    Photo Credit: Ikea
  • So funky & cool! P’Kolino $299.99 10 of 12
    So funky & cool!  P'Kolino  $299.99
    Funky and cool and featured by Cool Mom Picks as their top choice!
    Photo Credit: PKolino
  • Big Spenders with the Oeuf Toddler Bed $620.00 11 of 12
    Big Spenders with the Oeuf Toddler Bed  $620.00
    This one will hurt your wallet, but it is easy on the eyes!
    Photo Credit: fawn&forest
  • The affordable Sundvik $110.00 12 of 12
    The affordable Sundvik $110.00
    The easiest bed on the wallet, but still classic-looking and sturdy. This one hails from Ikea, so get your drill ready for assembly!
    Photo Credit: Ikea

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