The 16 Coolest Playhouses Ever

the best toddler playhousesWhen I was a little girl, I had one of those basic yellow and white plastic playhouses that I simply adored. I had the matching yellow fridge, the little kitchen with plastic play food, and I spent hours serving dinner to my stuffed animals while screaming at my older brothers through the windows. When I was a little older, my dad build me a wooden playhouse with real screens in the windows and a front porch and window boxes for flowers. It was perfect.

I started looking for a playhouse for Harrison last spring and was severely disappointed – I didn’t want plastic, but I also didn’t want to spend a fortune. Luckily, I¬†finally found one at Sam’s Club for less than $500. Harry adores his playhouse and I’m so glad we bought it.

There are so many out there on the market now to fit your family and toddler’s style, so I thought I’d round up a bunch of different ones, from plastic to custom wood, from stereotypical to modern.

PS. when you put together the playhouse, have a marriage counselor and lots of adult beverages on hand.

Here they are, listed from least expensive to most expensive.

  • Anerican Plastic Toys: My First Playhouse 1 of 16
    A perfect starter playhouse for those who may not have much room or cash to spare!
    Buy here: Wayfair for $84.99
  • Step 2 Naturally Playful Neat & Tidy Cottage 2 of 16
    Step2 toys are a big hit in our house - this one comes with windows and a door and a few extras to pass the time!
    Buy here: Walmart for $149.97
  • Little Colorado Log Cabin 3 of 16
    This one is so cool. I always wanted a log cabin!
    Buy here: Wayfair for $264.98
  • Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse 4 of 16
    Perfect for your little girl (or little dude that likes pink!).
    Buy here: Walmart for $299.97
  • Step2 Gather & Grill 5 of 16
    This one is great for having friends over, since it's big and open with a grill to pretend on!
    Buy here: Walmart for $399.97
  • Backyard Discover Winchester Playhouse 6 of 16
    This is the one we bought for Harrison. It's hard to put together, but really, really cute in the backyard. I like that it blends in with our classic home.
    Buy here: Wayfair for $422.99
  • KidKraft Activity Playhouse 7 of 16
    A porch, a serving window, and lots of space!
    Buy here: Walmart for $449.00
  • Swing-n-Slide Cottage Playhouse 8 of 16
    I'm not sure where the "swing n slide" portion comes into this, but this is really cute and pretty.
    Buy here: Walmart for $494.99
  • KidKraft My Woodland Playhouse 9 of 16
    Quite about like the Activity Playhouse, but with a door and bay window.
    Buy here: Walmart for $499.98
  • Step 2 Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage 10 of 16
    A step up from the basic plastic playhouse, it will hold up to the rough and tear of toddler play!
    Buy here: Wayfair for $503.99
  • True Modern Playhouse 11 of 16
    Modern but more affordable than the ones you'll see in a few clicks. I like that you can see what the kiddo is doing in there.
    Buy here: Wayfair for $1,425.00
  • Guidecraft School Bus Play Loft 12 of 16
    So cool - my toddler loves buses and would love this! I like that it gives them physical activity!
    Buy here: Wayfair for $2,128.99
  • Kids Crooked House Princess Playhouse 13 of 16
    I think I first saw Crooked Houses when the Gosslin kids got their's on Jon & Kate + 8. They come in a ton of different styles, colors, etc.
    Buy here: Walmart for $5,999.99
  • Little Cottage Sara Victorian Mansion 14 of 16
    I have to admit that this one kind of shocks me simply by it's size. That's a huge playhouse. Does it have two stories? Would you need to fill it with furniture?
    Buy here: Walmart for $6,199.98
  • Smart Playhouse Kyoto Junior 15 of 16
    Whoa nelly on that price tag! I love the light inside, though.
    Buy here: Wayfair for $7,500.00
  • Smart Playhouse Hobbiken Junior Playhouse 16 of 16
    Another gorgeous modern playhouse.
    Buy here: Wayfair for $7,500.00


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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