The 16 Different Hats of A Mother

hatsI was thinking the other day about my main label in life – “mother.” And how it gets broken down even further into “working mother,” meaning that I have a job outside of the home. I don’t mind the labels. I don’t mind being identified as “Harrison’s mom” because hey! He’s a cool kid and I like being associated with awesome people. I don’t mind being called a working mom because I love my job and I’m proud of the work I do.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I explain that I work in digital marketing, specializing in email and wireframes. That’s my other label – marketing nerd.

But sometimes I think that I’m so niched into motherhood and work that everything else I do throughout the day is completely glossed over, from housework to dinner to keeping our family’s schedule. And past my domestic duties, I’m also a great problem-solver and diligent employee. I’m also a wanna-be athlete and a wanna-be seamstress and an avid book-lover.

So when people ask me what I “do,” I start with mom and digital marketer. Then I move on to the other hats I wear throughout the day:

  • Handy woman 1 of 16
    Putting together big boy beds, train tracks, hanging curtain rods, fixing toilet seats and pantry doors that come off their tracks...all while dinner cooks on the stove.
  • Firefighter 2 of 16
    Okay, not in a literal sense, but I feel like I put out fires all day! At work, at home, diffusing toddler tantrums...and sometimes when I burn dinner.
  • Bride 3 of 16
    Even though we've been married seven years, I'm still my husband's bride. It's important to remember that our relationship has to take the front seat for the rest of our life to run smoothly.
  • Caregiver 4 of 16
    As our parents age, it's not just the kids we are taking care of. Doctor appointments, finances, surgeries, etc are all things I handle.
  • Chef 5 of 16
    No surprise here! I'm cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my family.
  • Teacher 6 of 16
    While I'm not the one in front of the classroom, I spend tons of time teaching my son manners, letters, and habits.
  • Banker 7 of 16
    I pay the bills and manage our bank accounts because I actually like doing it!
  • Pediatrician 8 of 16
    Paging Dr. Mom! Taking temperatures, figuring medicine doses, and deciding whether a cold warrants a trip to the doctor.
  • Advocate 9 of 16
    I volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House and sponsor a small boy in Bolivia. When I see those in trouble, I only think of my family and hope that if we were in need, others would help out. So I do.
  • Maid 10 of 16
    No shock here, right? One day I hope to have help, but for now it's me and the Swiffer Mop, BFF 4evah.
  • Playmate 11 of 16
    Since Harry's an only child, I am his choice for tag, trampoline bouncing, racing cars, and playing monsters. It's exhausting, but fun.
  • Personal shopper 12 of 16
    Groceries, clothes, housewares, services...I research and buy 90% of what we do. (which is pretty common, ad agencies. pay attention to us women!)
  • Athlete 13 of 16
    If I beat the boys home, I slip out of my heels and into my sneakers and hit the pavement for thirty minutes. It's time just to myself.
  • IT Professional 14 of 16
    Being a marketing nerd and working with computers all day means that I am the go-to person for email not working, lost pictures, frozen apps, etc. Even if I know nothing about the particular problem.
  • Chauffeur 15 of 16
    Preschool drop-off and pick-up are just the tip of the iceberg. Soon it will be soccer practice and Boy Scouts, too.
  • Seamstress 16 of 16
    On the day that I die, my headstone will read "Here ye lies a woman that was buried alive by laundry."

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