The 16 months Old Toddler

16 months2 years ago, I found out I was pregnant with Zeke. We were at my Mother-in-law’s house staying with our 8-month old, then 5-year old and our then 7-year old — along with about 10 other family members. As a joke, my sister-in-law had given me a pregnancy test as a Christmas present. I gave her a dirty look, smarted off and then had the thought in the back of my head “Ant Flo, weren’t you suppose to be here a while back?”.

Late that night, after Izaiah had nodded off to sleep after a several hour scream fest. I took the test and found out I was pregnant. I had been on birth control. I had suffered infertility twice with our first and third. Wow, this was uhm – a surprise. I won’t comment if I proceeded with a several hour scream fest of my own, but I will say that every day since that blessed day 16-months ago, I have thanked God for that surprise. Zeke is truly a wonderful happy child.

So now Zeke is 16-months old. He is the exact age of our older toddler was when he was born. How I ever managed that first year – I have no idea, but thank God for making it through alive.  While my husband is all about reading the weekly emails and making sure that our kids are up-to-date developmentally, I am more lax. I found those stress me out unnecessarily.

Walk? More Like RUN!

Zeke, like all 3 of our other kids took his first steps at 1, started walking without falling too much at 14 months and now at 16-months, he could enter a race as a runner. He is everywhere and into everything.


While he only has 5 teeth, Zeke will eat or find a way to eat any food we are eating. The doctor says this is completely normal, this is why I don’t read those weekly emails.


His vocabulary is minimal but his cute little pointy finger will show you exactly what he is wanting to babbling about. One of the hardest parts of him being the baby, is 3 older siblings who LOVE to talk for him. We’re TRYING to curve that.


Unlike our other kids, this baby sleeps like a champ. He is down to 1 very long (3-4 hour nap) and a good 10-11 hours at night.


This month I’ve noticed his looks changing. The baby look is disappearing and he is sadly looking more like a toddler.

Regardless of how many kids I have, I am still baffled how fast time passes and how each of them grows up so quickly – we are embracing this time!

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