The 18 Coolest Doll Houses (For Boys and Girls!)

People who like gender roles and assumptions, look away. We’re thinking of getting our toddler boy a dollhouse.

The reason is two-fold:

1) He adores playing with his cars and their little “houses.” We have a car wash and a few ramp houses and firehouses. He loves to push them through and make up stories. So why not do that with people?

2) I love dollhouses. I don’t pretend to enjoy making Valentines or playing monsters, but I LOVE playing those pretend car games with him on the floor. Having a dollhouse may give us even one more thing to play with together.

Imagination and playing with momma? Totally not just a girl thing.

I had several “houses” as a little girl – Barbie’s Townhouse, of course, but then a real wooden one. My father and I spent an entire weekend “wallpapering” my dollhouse with real leftover wallpaper from our own home. It was gorgeous. I cut out pictures from magazines and glued them on the walls as posters and made bedding from the scraps of my mother’s sewing. As I got older, the house simply became “the big house” where my people went after they finished riding their ponies – I was far more into my horse stables then.

So I see a dollhouse for the boy as a way to expand his play past washing the cars. And maybe I might get to play with it after he goes to bed? (ha!)

In looking for a fun, appropriate house for him (because I do want something that is sturdy and not too girly) I found some really cool houses.  (Check out the log cabin – I think that’s our winner!)

  • Plan Toys Chalet with furniture 1 of 18
    My friend's daughter has this one and I admit that I spent well over an house playing with it...by myself. It's rad.
    Buy here: Wayfair for $225.00
  • KidKraft Campfire Cabin 2 of 18
    I think this is hands-down the winner for our guy. While I'm not against him playing with pink, this one is SO COOL and we are big fans of cabins in the mountains.
    Buy here: Wayfair for $79.99
  • Sew Pony’s DIY dollhouse 3 of 18
    "Sew" cute! I love the colors she picked.
    Find here: Sew Pony blog
  • CD Shelf Dollhouse tutorial 4 of 18
    I would have NEVER thought to make a dollhouse out of a CD tower, but this is the perfect tiny size for a beginner house.
    Find here: Sew She Sews blog
  • Lundby Smaland Doll’s House 5 of 18
    This one makes me oddly nostalgic - I think it looks like my old Little People house from the 1980's.
    Buy here: Greenleaf Dollhouses for $124.00
  • Fabric dollhouse tutorial 6 of 18
    She does a beautiful job outlining the steps to make this one - you can also make it into a barn, firehouse, whatever suits your kiddos needs!
    Find here: a girl & a glue gun
  • Young House Love’s DIY dollhouse 7 of 18
    John and Sherry made their daughter a dollhouse for Christmas in their workshed. John goes into great detail on how he made it and how it was decorated.
    Find here: Young House Love blog
  • Melissa and Doug fold n’ go 8 of 18
    PERFECT for those who don't have much space or need to transfer between houses and caregivers.
    Buy here: Melissa & Doug for $49.99
  • Ferm Living wall hanging 9 of 18
    Dollhouse at eye level? Yes, please! It can be used as a decoration after she's outgrown it.
    Buy here: Wayfair for $200.00
  • Under the Sycamore’s DIY dollhouse 10 of 18
    The details and love in this one make it so perfect. I swoon over the banner and pictures.
    Find here: Under the Sycamore
  • Greenleaf Mini Trailer 11 of 18
    This one is so cool. SO COOL. I guess it's more an "accessory" than an actual house, but I can see my boy playing with this one (and my husband wishing we had a life-sized one!).
    Find here: Greenleaf Dollhouses for $19.95
  • Kid Kraft Savannah 12 of 18
    A pretty basic almost "Barbie Dream House" type. Tons of rooms to play in but not a ton of floor space!
    Buy here: Wayfair for $144.99
  • KidKraft Deluxe Townhouse 13 of 18
    This one is huge. Which means it is awesome with a ton of rooms to decorate. My old dollhouse had SIX rooms to decorate. A measely six.
    Buy here: Kohl's for $144.49
  • MouseHouse Blog’s Dolls house 14 of 18
    How gorgeous is this one? She also has lights in it now!
    Find here: mousehouse
  • Step 2 Grand Balcony 15 of 18
    This one is almost lifesize, so you'll probably need a playroom for this bad boy.
    Buy here: Amazon for $174.00 (non-affiliate link)
  • Melissa & Doug Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse 16 of 18
    Melissa & Doug makes such wonderful wooden toys - this one is a larger version that can stay in a bedroom or playroom.
    Buy here: Melissa & Doug for $149.99
  • Melissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse 17 of 18
    A more traditional option from Melissa & Doug. They also have furniture sold separately!
    Buy here: Melissa & Doug for $169.99
  • Greenleaf Harrison Tudor Mansion 18 of 18
    This is the stereotypical dollhouse that I always wanted - my friend had one when we were kids and I was always so jealous of the details!
    Find here: Greenleaf Dollhouses for $149.95


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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