The Adventures of Abby & Wyndham: Big City Edition

The time for our summer bucket list (not that I ever made anything official) is quickly coming to a close. We recently had the opportunity to stay at a friends house for the weekend and hit up some of the local attractions that have become a yearly tradition for us.

The first couple of times were sweet and more for us than them. It’s like the minute one has a child they can’t wait to do up a family outing like visiting their local zoo or amusement park. We’re lucky to live close enough to frequent a small theme park designed especially for small/young children. 

Going to Centre Island has become something that I look forward to every summer. Click through to check out some of the fun Abby and Wyndham had during Stage 2 of their big city adventures! (You can see more of the whole weekend in this cute little vid.)

  • BIg City, Big Adventure 1 of 9
    BIg City, Big Adventure

    Click through for the fun!

  • The Fun of Getting There… 2 of 9
    The Fun of Getting There...

    I'm not sure who loves taking the Toronto ferry across to Centre Island more. Us or them!

  • Prime View 3 of 9
    Prime View

    Big boat = HUGE adventure for little people. 

  • 1st Stop… 4 of 9
    1st Stop...

    Driving a fire-truck! Her 1st big girl ride, oh my.

  • For The Wall 5 of 9
    For The Wall

    This one turned out so well. A keeper to print up for our growing Instagram wall! I must confess to loving their blooming sibling relationship. The more Abby develops, the more she and her bro have in common.

  • Wyndham’s Favourite 6 of 9
    Wyndham's Favourite

    This kid's memory is amazing. He remembered this car ride from last year and couldn't wait to hop on again this year.

  • Abby Quickly Followed Suit 7 of 9
    Abby Quickly Followed Suit

    As seen here, chatting away during her "country drive."

  • And Then This Happened 8 of 9
    And Then This Happened

    That kid on the very right is mine. All of a sudden my cautious boy turned rebel and wanted to go on all the dare-devil rides. Upon which my heart immediately flew up into my throat and my stomach plummeted to the ground.

  • His 1st Roller-coaster Ride 9 of 9
    His 1st Roller-coaster Ride

    Uhm, yea. 3 1/2 years old a riding the rocket. Psh. Right around here we got serious and turned off our phones, got a family pass (who were we kidding), and went on ride after ride until they started turning green. Kidding. Sort of.


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