The Andrew Garfield Fan Club and Commiserating with My Toddler

 Hey, y’all!  Pull up a seat and grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.

So….this week.  Yeah.

I don’t even know where to start except that Harrison embodied it this morning when he completely lost his toddler nutters over the Internet being down.  Because the internet being down meant NO CHUCK THE TRUCK! and no Chuck the Truck means THE UNIVERSE IS COMING TO AN END!  Cue the tears, wailing, thrashing, and me wishing that I could just go back to sleep because it was six in the morning.

Which is kind of how I feel about the whole debacle surround our buyer’s buyer’s loan falling through, meaning I am a gypsy for another six weeks.

In short?  I commiserate with my toddler on every single level.

Except the level where I have decided to form the I Want to Dry Hump Andrew Garfield fan club after watching The Amazing Spiderman.  Seriously, he schooled Toby Maguire in the ways of the Spidey.

Here’s what else we’ve been up to:

  • Our anniversary present. 1 of 8
    Our anniversary present.
    We bought a new cushion for the pushin'.
  • Finalizing our loan. 2 of 8
    Finalizing our loan.
    This is me, dropping off the last bit of our loan papers. Unfortunately, the glee was short-lived when we found out our buyer's buyer's loan did not go through & our move date is pushed back six more weeks.
  • Google+ hangouts. 3 of 8
    Google+ hangouts.
    It's like group Skype. I have not been a Google+ fan until now, but getting to talk to my best blogging friends in the evening is so cool.
  • Harrison found his daddy’s old cars. 4 of 8
    Harrison found his daddy's old cars.
    While we packed the garage, Harrison snooped around & found an entire bin of Doug's Hotwheels cars. He's thrilled.
  • Bank lollipops. 5 of 8
    Bank lollipops.
    They just taste better & I can't explain it. Harrison got his first bank pop & chose blue.
  • Celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. 6 of 8
    Celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary.
    We've had our highs & lows this year with job change & the house, but I am still crazy about this man.
  • Still swooning over my Vanessa Hudgens face cleaner. 7 of 8
    Still swooning over my Vanessa Hudgens face cleaner.
    I'm becoming obsessed with it but my skin is just so GLOWY afterwards.
  • Roo Cups! 8 of 8
    Roo Cups!
    Please tell me you know what Roo Cups are - you buy this cup from a Kangaroo gas station, then each refill is $0.25 the entire summer! Slushies, tea, sodas, etc.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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