The Bachelor: Toddler Edition

It’s been two weeks since ABC’s The Bachelor ended and if you are like me, you are feeling some symptoms of withdrawal.

Symptoms include looking longingly at roses at your local flower shop, begging your husband to dream up a date better than dinner and a movie, and of course, imagining Sean’s abs in the shower.

If you are one of those people with a Bachelor-size hole in your life, I’ve put together a slideshow of ‘toddlers in love’ with captions only fellow Bachelor fans will truly appreciate.

When you’re done, you can check out even more “The Bachelor: Toddler Edition” captions on Mommy Shorts.

  • Karson & Khloe 1 of 10
    Karson & Khloe
    Although Khlow accepted Karson's invitation to the fantasy suite, she eventually sent him packing. Karson was heartbroken.
  • John & Lola 2 of 10
    John & Lola
    Group dates are tough especially with Dora the Explorer as the competition.
  • Mia & Landon 3 of 10
    Mia & Landon
    When your reaction is, "Ew! Disgusting!", probably not the best idea to introduce your girlfriend to your parents.
  • The Hot Tub 4 of 10
    The Hot Tub
    Other aphrodisiacs? Apple squeezies, Go-Gurt and Goldfish crackers.
  • Silas & Zoe 5 of 10
    Silas & Zoe
    Never trust a toddler who can't make friends with other toddlers.
  • Dillon & Emily 6 of 10
    Dillon & Emily
    Dillon had the helicopter waiting on the roof of the preschool.
  • Ava & Eli 7 of 10
    Ava & Eli
    Where are a set of parents when you need them?
  • Ulterior Motives? 8 of 10
    Ulterior Motives?
    Or maybe somebody was dreaming of becoming the next Bachelorette...
  • Jenna Marie & Emerson 9 of 10
    Jenna Marie & Emerson
    Jenna Marie broke the news gently. "I think it would be unfair to the other girls if I stayed."
  • Emanuel & Nora 10 of 10
    Emanuel & Nora
    What Emanuel lacks in stature, he makes up for with temporary gifts from the producers he can pass off as his own.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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