The Best Battery Powered Gadgets For Toddlers

There are few better things in life for a parent of a toddler than when they are happily engaged. I’m all for less is more when it comes to toys, thank blink and bop – but let’s be real. A parent needs to have their arsenal.

So we’ve chosen wisely and while our little ones still play with more natural, less-than-obnoxious toys that don’t take up every corner of our home, we’re not signing any petitions against powered toys. I can admit to being one of those parents who had grand visions of organic, wooden toys — a kinfolk home, void of anything resembling plastic.

Then reality paid me a nice little visit and I got wise, pretty fast. Some might say I’ve sold out — and yes, I would have to agree. I have indeed sold out to the need of keeping my own sanity in check and fostering the happiness of my kids.


There are extremes, you know? It’s not like we have a landfill worth of useless gadgetry, we pick and choose our heaven-sent, battery operated toys sparingly. I’ve never been a believer that there’s any one exclusive-better-right way of doing things, especially when it comes to parenting. Flexibility is key, as is letting go of ideals we set before we actually HAD children. Because living by a set of stringent rules regarding the toys our kids play with based on aesthetics (before we even knew what we were really in for) woud be silly, right?

Behold…the gadgets that save our sanity daily, keep our toddlers happily engrossed and don’t break the bank…

  • Bounce Bounce Tigger 1 of 5
    Bounce Bounce Tigger
    It's quite obvious why a toddler would be drawn to this, no? Plus, it's on sale right now.
    Get it from Target, $26.99
  • Road Rippers Rush & Rescue Fire Truck 2 of 5
    Road Rippers Rush & Rescue Fire Truck
    With a ladder! And yep, it's motorized with all of the bells and whistles. Which may not be very exciting to you...but a toddler? Happy, happy, joy, joy.
    Get it from Target, $19.99
  • Power Wheels Toy Story Quad 3 of 5
    Power Wheels Toy Story Quad
    Want to blow your toddler's mind without making the equivalent of your own car/mortgage payment? This is your ticket.
    Get it from Amazon, $75.00
  • Baby Alive All Gone 4 of 5
    Baby Alive All Gone
    I know for a fact that my 17-month-old would get a huge kick out of this doll, given that she is obsessed with babies in general. I guess she hasn't realized that she is one herself. (Yes, she IS. Don't even try to tell me otherwise.)
    Get it from Target, $24.89
  • Leap Pad Explorer 2 5 of 5
    Leap Pad Explorer 2
    Everyone and their mother's mother is testifying to the awesome that is the new Leap Pad 2. I'm here to chime in on the chorus. I mean, we all know how much toddlers covet our iPads -- this here is as close to mimicking that as you are going to get.
    Get it from Amazon, $99.00

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