The Best Life Skill That Parenting Taught Me

Sometimes you just have to look at it all from a different view.

Before I was a mom, I was THE BEST MOM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

My child would never eat McDonald’s.

I would spank them in discipline.

I would never cloth diaper.

I would never dream of going out looking like a “dirty mom” with no make-up.

I would never allow toys in the bed that weren’t lovies.

On and on and on and on…

The thing is, I wasn’t taking in my child.  Not the child I dreamed of having or envisioned having, but the actual little person that came from me and my husband.

He was different from me; he needed different things.  The little boy with the willful but sweet spirit.  I didn’t know how his blue eyes would pierce straight into my heart when I disciplined.

I didn’t know how much time and energy motherhood would require of me and why sometimes, simply getting to the grocery store is an accomplishment.  No matter if I’m wearing a business suit or yoga pants.  That some days it’s not worth the fight to put organic fruit in him, so I whip up a box of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese.

I never imagined what an adventure motherhood would be and how brave it would make me until I learned and tried cloth diapers and found my little inner hippie.  It was just one more way that motherhood changed me and shaped me and showed me who I really am.

I’m thankful to not be the same person I was just three years ago.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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