The Best ViviGrams of 2012: Episode Two

So did you have the chance to check out the first half of Vivi’s year in little square photos from my phone? If not, you can find them here. If you’re here for more, well goodie, because I have more. I’ll be honest, I haven’t taken nearly as many photos with my DSLR since getting my new phone (Samsung S3) and Instagram. BUT IT’S OKAY, because I have photos. Even better? I get them printed into a book every other month. Each book has had around 160 photos and I’m just about to start putting our fourth one together. My girls love looking at them, I love looking at them and they’re such a spectacular journal of our adventures. Some photos have entire stories behind them while others are just cute snapshots of daily life.

This second round of ViviGrams are official toddler photos, please excuse the fact that we still call her the baby, but in our house she is the baby and will be for an awfully long time. She’s a pretty spectacular little person, for those of you who haven’t met her, hopefully you’ll get a little feel for how wonderful she is in the following photos.

  • After School 1 of 15
    After School
    On the days Vivi is awake when Addie steps off the bus they run towards each other with open arms, screaming each others names until they are hugging. I die.
  • Baby’s FIrst Blowout 2 of 15
    Baby's FIrst Blowout
    The look of disdain on her face, it's like this is a common thing and she has an opinion on it.
  • Crashed 3 of 15
    This is a rare sight these days, this was after a full day of fun in Ohio with no nap.
  • Flower Power 4 of 15
    Flower Power
    This was one of my first IGs to break 100, to think it was just a silly little moment from the day, which I guess is kind of the point of IG.
  • Disapproving Kitty 5 of 15
    Disapproving Kitty
    It sure is hard to take pictures of toddlers in Halloween costumes. But I tried, and my heavens she looked cute.
  • Pantsless Pie Overseer. 6 of 15
    Pantsless Pie Overseer.
    Thanksgiving 2012, a time for pie, but not for pants.
  • Playing Piano 7 of 15
    Playing Piano
    The knuckle dimples. I'm going to miss those when they're gone.
  • Reading 8 of 15
    VIvi's most favorite book. Cody and I both have it memorized. Big A little a what begins with A?
    (Aunt Annie's Alligator)
  • Safety first. 9 of 15
    Safety first.
    Pants optional.
  • Bathed 10 of 15
    So fresh and so clean. Oh, this baby wrapped up in a fluffy towel after a bath is one of the best things to snuggle.
  • Starfishing 11 of 15
    Alternately titled: 'Nope. Not gonna happen.'
  • Glowing. 12 of 15
    Hi, I'm Vivi. I radiate sunshine.
  • Tip toes 13 of 15
    Tip toes
    About 30 minutes later she got shots in those little legs. Ah, the calm before the storm.
  • Leopard Print Pants 14 of 15
    Leopard Print Pants
    I called this one 'Toddler Threads: Daycare Edition.'
  • Wonderment 15 of 15
    My back yard. My baby. Ladies and gentlemen, I live a lovely little life.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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