The Best Winter Activities for Toddlers

When you’re living in a winter wasteland wonderland there are few things that a parent can do to keep their toddler active and happy. Without plopping them down in front of the screen or handing them the iPad, Leap Pad or whatever other form of technological amazingness we have built up in our ‘must keep toddlers happy/distracted’ arsenal, that is.

Hey now, don’t get me wrong…I’m all for that stuff. In moderation. I also like playing freely with my little ones and/or introducing them to developmental activities like a few of the ones in the roundup down there. You will notice that many of these are for those who live where it snows. Because, you know — that’s the hand I’ve been dealt.

Look no further, your own winter-time toddler arsenal just got that much stronger.

  • Rudolph and Co. Holiday Ornaments 1 of 17
    An easy craft activity that chubby little fingers can handle.
    Find the tutorial over on Spoonful
  • Nutty Little Elves Holiday Ornaments 2 of 17
    How cute are these guys? A simple and fun activity to do with your pre-schooler on a cold and dreary winter afternoon.
    Get the full list of materials and instructions via Spoonful
  • Build Forts! 3 of 17
    Bust out the sheets, use your dining room table or couch pillows, use some clothespins and don't forget the flashlights!
    Check out 22 of the Most Amazing Toddler Built Forts!
  • Mike Wazowski 3D Papercraft 4 of 17
    For all of those with toddlers (yes, adults too) who love them some Monsters Inc., hook your kid up with this free printable paper craft.
    Get the free printable and instructions via Spoonful
  • Monsters, Inc. Activity Page 5 of 17
    More of your favourite monster action for your preschooler!
    Print it for free over on Spoonful
  • Natural Garlands 6 of 17
    If it hasn't snowed yet where you are go on a nature walk and hunt for natural treasures to create some pretty, rustic garlands.
    Get the instructions via Spoonful
  • Colouring Pages 7 of 17
    Set them down with their favourite characters!
    Find this and many more top Disney Christmas colouring pages over on Spoonful
  • Prep & Landing Stickers 8 of 17
    I don't have to sell you on this one much, right? I mean, we're talking STICKERS here people. Toddler crack. Get some sticker paper from your local craft supply store and print 'em up!
    Get the free template via Spoonful
  • Snow Chateua 9 of 17
    In other words, build snow and ice castles.
    Find out how over on Spoonful
  • Watch Movies 10 of 17
    Okay, I'm a hypocrite. This one involves screen time. You just KNOW with all of the time off you'll have together as a family, cuddling and watching some classics are mos' def' in order.
    12 Nights of Merry Holiday Movies
  • Glitter Stars 11 of 17
    This simple Christmas craft turns out looking so lovely that you actually want to adorn your home in them! Yes, there will be glitter everywhere. These things happen. It'll be okay!
    Get the instructions via Artful Parent
  • Snow Sensory Bin 12 of 17
    Bring some of the outdoors in with a big tupperware bin filled up with snow! Okay, I know what you're thinking, but it's actually not that messy -- the worst that can happen is that it melts into....WATER! Oh no!
    Find out how to make your own over on Happy Hooligans
  • Montessori Play 13 of 17
    Get busy and have some fun introducing you little ones to the wonder and magic of montessori play. They're learning and playing and all that good stuff and don't even know it! Or, they do - and they LOVE it. Most toddlers have a thing for learning. They dig it.
    Find 10 DIY Montessori Activities here on Babble
    Find 7 more!
  • Ice Sculpture Scavenger Hunt 14 of 17
    This is such a cute idea that you can begin with your littles, then hide yourself for them to find later in the snow!
    Get the instructions via Artful Parent
  • Go Tracking! Make Treats! 15 of 17
    If you live where it's snowy, going animal tracking can be super fun. Little kids love seeing animal footprints in the snow. Having a guide to animal tracks always helps, as does making some peanut butter snack tracks when you get home!
    Find the free guide (printable) and recipe over on Ahimsa Media
  • Make Easy Treats With Them 16 of 17
    Build a snowman oustide, come in for some hot chocolate and let them help you make these adorable snowman rice crispie treats! This is the perfect culinary project for little hands.
    Get the recipe over on Learning Development Activities
  • Make Maple Snow Candy 17 of 17
    Awesome, right? Just avoid the yellow snow, k?
    Find the instructions over on Rosy Posy


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