The Broom is My Toddler’s Favorite Toy (Plus 9 Others from Her Top List)

My toddler has a broom fetish. She also really likes the mop and the dustpan, but the broom is her favorite.

As any parent knows, the toys from the toy store are not always what get played with the most at home. Sometimes it’s the roll of tape from the desk, the box of band-aids, or yes, the broom, that get the most mileage with the three and under set.

Here is a list of my two-year-old daughter’s current favorite “playthings.” (And I’d love to hear the favorites in your house!)

  • A broom and dustpan 1 of 12
    A broom and dustpan
    The broom set has been one of the top toys in our house, first when my older daughter was a toddler, and now with my two year old.
  • The broom 2 of 12
    The broom
    She likes to just sweep by herself and also to hold the dustpan while I sweep into it. Anytime she notices me getting out my broom to sweep, she gets hers out, too.
  • Bags! 3 of 12
    Bags are the best. Any kind. Grocery bags. Backpacks. Small bags. Large bags. It doesn't matter. My toddler will put things into them, carry them around, take things out... Endless fun.
  • Inside the bag 4 of 12
    Inside the bag
    Here's a shot from inside one of the bags from yesterday showing some musical instruments and other little things she assembled. Later she was putting board books in the bags.
  • Baskets are fun too 5 of 12
    Baskets are fun too
    But not quite as fun as bags (at the moment -- you and I know how quickly things change...).
  • Beads and other tiny things 6 of 12
    Beads and other tiny things
    i.e. potential choking hazards. My two year old has always been fascinated with little beads. And luckily she doesn't put things in her mouth anymore (although I still keep an eye on her!). She likes to move the beads from bowl to bowl, carry them in her hands, or poke them into playdough.
  • Marbles, too 7 of 12
    Marbles, too
    We get the marbles out sometimes, too (I really keep a close eye on her with these!), and she likes to roll them down a little marble run we have or to clink them around in a bowl.
  • Balloons 8 of 12
    Balloons are always a hit! They provide a lot of entertainment value in our house. Here's one especially fun balloon activity to do with a toddler.
  • A ride-on toy 9 of 12
    A ride-on toy
    This tiny trike is another hold over from when my older daughter was little. It's gotten a lot of miles (around the kitchen)!
  • Stroller (doll optional) 10 of 12
    Stroller (doll optional)
    A doll is really just a good excuse to use the doll stroller.
  • Doll stroller 11 of 12
    Doll stroller
    My toddler loves to push the doll around in her stroller. Although just as often she'll push books or random bits of household stuff around.
  • A rocking horse (or equivalent) 12 of 12
    A rocking horse (or equivalent)
    Both girls love the little Ikea rocker. It was cheap (ten bucks) and provides a good way to be active indoors.

In addition to the toys and non-toys listed in the slideshow above, my daughter also really likes the following:

  • She loves, loves, loves band-aids. And I have to admit I usually buy an extra box when I’m at the store just to indulge her. (Or maybe it’s to indulge me. They are inexpensive, yet buy so much happy busy activity!)
  • Art supplies. Her favorites are playdough, markers, and paint. She draws everyday and paints whenever I let her. Click here for a list of my top 11 favorite toddler art materials.
  • Rocks and leaves and other nature items. Especially anything little that she can carry easily or put into her (or my) pockets.

What are your toddler’s favorite toys? Or if your children are older, what were their favorites when they were little? I’d love to hear!

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