The Casualties of Summer-Time

Casualties of SummerThese days my little ones are looking pretty rough and tumble. Scraped knees and random bruises here and there are one thing. Such casualties are to be expected when adventuring and exploring outside all day during the magic of summer.

It’s when my youngest trips up and scrapes her upper lip and my other one gets a mosquito bite around BOTH of his eyes and they swell up like balloons that the two of them begin too look a little worse for the wear.

We go out in public and people give them the once over and then look at me questioningly. I mean really.

Granted, the way my guy’s eyes reacted to the mosquito bites freaked even me out. Apparently though, it’s normal for toddlers to reaact to mosquito bites this way.

And trust me, I keep them well lubricated with natural sunblock and bug spray at all times. Even during the day since out backyard is fairly wooded and there seem to be mosquitos out at all times during the day. The only other possible way to avoid them getting bitten is to stay inside, which obviously… isn’t gonna happen.

So. My kids shall continue to look like the little bruisers they are as they stumble, adventure, run amuck and explore all that their little hearts desire. And I’ll just keep sucking up the looks from people who wonder if I’m beating my children.

Do your kids end up looking like little warriors mid-way through summer? What are some of your favourite products to help keep the casualties at bay? I’d love to hear some advice from more experienced mamas.


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