The Cheap, The Easy & The Free: Best Spring & Easter Activities For Toddlers

Although the first day of Spring (Equinox) passed on March 20th, many Native families come together on the Easter long weekend to practice their ceremonies and traditions. Just as with many other families, we have jobs and school and daily life to attend to before we can come together to honour our Creator in ceremony practice and feasting.

Mothering in a culturally blended family does not go without it’s difficulties, as the traditions and beliefs can often conflict or be hard for those with opposing beliefs to understand. When it comes to my kids however, I’ve got it made on easy street.

They are these wonderfully non-judging, open-minded little humans. Quick to be inspired with sponge-like little minds. They want to learn, they love to learn.

So, it is with great pleasure that I take to heart the belief that there are many good paths in life and much of our holiday celebrating (Spring Solstice, Easter or otherwise) comes together in a culmination of fun family activities that embrace all of our families rich, loving, deeply spiritual, and vibrant beliefs.

This holiday in particular being all about the season of Renewal and Rebirth upon us. Both as a family and in the world of nature.

  • Renewal & Rebirth 1 of 20
    Renewal & Rebirth
    That's what it's all about. Click through to check out a collection of thrifty and fun activities for Toddlers this Spring!
  • Plan & Plant a Garden 2 of 20
    Plan & Plant a Garden
    The beginnings. It doesn't have to be expensive. I saved toilet paper rolls for nearly 3 months in preparation for planting seeds with the kids this month!
    Learn how via Feral Gardener
  • Three-eyed Alien Easter Eggs 3 of 20
    Three-eyed Alien Easter Eggs
    Both of my little ones love these silly guys from one of their fave Disney flicks!
    Get the craft tutorial via Spoonful
  • Spring Fun Box 4 of 20
    Spring Fun Box
    What's that you say? Simply put, it's a box full of wishes and ideas that your little one has; written on paper and stuffed inside.
    Learn how to do this activity via The Artful Parent
  • Cheshire Cat Easter Egg 5 of 20
    Cheshire Cat Easter Egg
    One of my own fave characters from my own child-hood favourite movie, both times.
    Get the instructions via Spoonful
  • Painting With Plants & Flowers 6 of 20
    Painting With Plants & Flowers
    This one is pretty straight-forward, yes?
    Idea and image via Nurture Store
  • Sticky Wall Garden 7 of 20
    Sticky Wall Garden
    A sweet and simple on-going project that your kids can add to all Spring long.
    As seen on Having Fun at Home
  • Queen of Hearts Easter Egg 8 of 20
    Queen of Hearts Easter Egg
    Finally! My kind of Easter Egg. LOVE that she looks like HBC herself. I mean, sort of
    Get the instructions via Spoonful
  • Spring Scavenger Hunt 9 of 20
    Spring Scavenger Hunt
    Love this idea! So easy to execute for your little loves.
    As seen on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
  • Jelly Bean Trail 10 of 20
    Jelly Bean Trail
    For Easter morning, obviously.
    Get the instructions via Spoonful
  • Spring Garden Sensory Tub 11 of 20
    Spring Garden Sensory Tub
    Sensory Tubs don't have to be intricate in a fancy special sensory table. A big plastic bin will do and they will LOVE IT.
    Get the instructions via No Time For Flash Cards
  • Egg in the Nest Sorting Game 12 of 20
    Egg in the Nest Sorting Game
    An excellent idea and cheap!
    Get the instructions via Teach Preschool
  • Easter Morning Yarn Maze 13 of 20
    Easter Morning Yarn Maze
    Now, for toddlers - depending on their age and walking don't want to make this too intricate or else they'll be tripping all over the place. But a few strands criss-crossing here and there could be fun!
    Get the instructions via Spoonful
  • Seed Growing Experiment 14 of 20
    Seed Growing Experiment
    Watch them grow and keep a simple chart!
    Get the instructions via Nurture Store
  • Watch Your Favourite Spring-Time Movie 15 of 20
    Watch Your Favourite Spring-Time Movie
    For me, it's Bambi and I plan on introducing my little ones to it this weekend. Our local library had a copy to borrow - I bet yours does too!
  • Sing Songs of Spring 16 of 20
    Sing Songs of Spring
    Or, you know - create them a play-list of seasonal kiddie songs on YouTube that they can watch while you actually drink your coffee in the morning while it's still hot. As one does.
    Spring Song, Karaoke Version as seen on YouTube
  • Spring Seed Collage 17 of 20
    Spring Seed Collage
    I remember making some of these when I was little. It was one of my favourite crafts to do.
    Get the instructions via Green owl Art
  • Dye Easter Eggs 18 of 20
    Dye Easter Eggs
    Use a muffin tin for dyeing Easter eggs with toddlers. Genius, right?
    Get more tips like this via Parent Hacks
    Get a DIY tutorial for All Natural Food Colouring via moi (le petit reve)
  • Make a Simple Bunny Craft 19 of 20
    Make a Simple Bunny Craft
    Fun, seriously easy and cute!
    Get the easy tutorial right here on Babble Toddler
  • Bake an Easter Treat 20 of 20
    Bake an Easter Treat
    Messy yes. Worth it? Totally. I mean, just look at those sweet faces.
    Get this gluten-free, coconut sugar cut-out cookie recipe via moi (le petit reve)


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