The Coolest Bunk Beds For Toddlers

My kiddos share a room and things are getting tight now that Abby is finally rocking the big girl bed. In my quest to find a bunk bed that sates my safety concerns, I was pleasantly surprised with the low-to-the-floor, high-railed, low impact choices available.

We’re going to wait until the fall, when my eldest toddler turns 4 (he’ll take the top), before we update their room and put in a bunk-bed. Although it’s going to be hard to wait with all of the awesome options I found.

From the outrageous and the ludicrously amazing (with price-tags to match), to the repurposed, DIY and impressive Ikea hack-jobs…there’s something for everyone here!

  • Kura Reversible Loft / Bunk Bed 1 of 24
    Kura Reversible Loft / Bunk Bed

    Tis one is winning all sorts of prizes in the price and Ikea Hack department. Wait to see you seee some of the conversions and DIYs up ahead! I'm all over this action.
    Available via Ikea, $199

  • AMARILLO adventure bed 2 of 24
    Woodland Bunk Bed

    Is is a bunk bed or is it a jungle gym. Some parents may grimace at the thought of this as a bed for their toddlers. Because you know, beds are for sleeping. I had to include this design purely for it's cool factor. I have to admit I kind of love it, especially since it converts to different heights making a bed that will grow with your toddlers into childhood. Shown at mid-height (goes lower).
    Available via Woodland, $1480

  • Thuka Low Loft Bed 3 of 24
    Thuka Low Loft Bed With Angled Ladder and Slide

    Place a mattress down below and you have yourself a bunk bed! Comes in various finishes.
    Available via Amazon, $499

  • Convertible 4 of 24
    Convertible Bunk Beds

    This right here? The "Bunky" converts into two single beds. Brilliant, right?
    Learn more via Metoo

  • Stairway Bunk Bed 5 of 24
    Stairway Bunk Bed With Trundle

    Love this one! A great space saver, nice and low to the grown with built in drawers on the wide, angled, super safe staircase. Extra bonus points for the built in sleepover trundle bed. 
    Available via Amazon, $765.00

  • Treeehouse 6 of 24
    Treehouse Bunk Bed

    No, you can't get this in king size. Pricey, but dream-worthy.
    Available via Kid's Rooms, $2,363.75

  • Perch Bunk Bed 7 of 24
    PERCH BUNK BED by Oeuf

    Another great low impact choice. Clean modern lines, this beauty separates into a loft bed and a standalone twin too! A pricier, yet durable and well-made option to last through all the wear and tear.
    Available via Oeuf, $1540

  • My Place Bunk 8 of 24
    Domayne Bunk Beds

    This company currently only ships within Australia, which isn't a problem if you know someone there you can have it shipped to! There are also several shipping services that do this for you. Another low impact, modern choice. Made of MDF - this could be used as inspiration for a weekend DIY project if you are handy like that.
    Learn more via, Domayne

  • Rhapsody Bunk Bed & Playhouse System 9 of 24
    Rhapsody Playbeds

    This right here is what dreams are made of. Various styles and models to see here, believe or not I picked the most modest design. Ludicrous price tag, but still. Mama LIKES.
    Available via Cedarworks, $2,995

  • Repurposed Crib Into Bunk Beds! 10 of 24
    Repurposed Crib Into Bunk Beds!

    What the what, right? A few extra add ons, an afternoon on the weekend and BOOM! Magnificence.
    Get the step-by-step tutorial via, My Favourite Everything

  • Morgan Single Bunk 11 of 24
    Domayne Bunk Beds

    I'm loving all of the low-to-the-ground bunk beds made these days. Perfect for parents who live in small spaces or for siblings who share a small room (mine!) 
    Learn more via, Domayne

  • Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent 12 of 24
    Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

    Another fun play-bed option, boasting a more modest price tag.
    Available via Amazon, $435.64

  • Ikea Kura Loft Into Bunk Bed Makeover #1 13 of 24
    Ikea Kura Loft Into Bunk Bed Makeover

    Awesome and surprisingly easy DIY! 
    Learn more via, Livet Hemma

  • Kura Bed Makeover #2 14 of 24
    Ikea Kura Bed Makeover

    I can't get over how awesome these Ikea Kura bed makeover and DIY projects are!
    As seen on Var Dags Rum

  • Ikea Kura Bed Makeover #3 15 of 24
    Ikea Kura bed makeover with chalkboard paint

    Yet another awesome spin on the thrifty Kura loft / bunk bed from Ikea. Great forms of inspiration happening here. 
    Get all the details via, Sample Sale Mom

  • Kura Bed Makeover #4 16 of 24
    Kura Bunk Bed Makeover With Slide

    What toddlers wouldn't love this set-up? 
    Learn how to do this via, Ikea Hackers

  • Kura Bunk Bed Makeover #5 17 of 24
    Raised Kura Bunk Bed Makeover

    I like the idea of keeping things low still, but raising the lower bunk ever so slightly with the use of Ikea Grankulla Futon.
    Learn more via, Ikea Hackers

  • Kura Bunk Makeover #6 18 of 24
    Fairy princess treehouse: KURA Bunk Beds with STUVA storage

    A great bunk bed if you have 2 older toddlers (or kids) - I say this because of the height. But maybe that's just me being concerned. Tons of cute built in dresser drawers!
    Learn how to do this via, Ikea Hackers

  • Kura Bunk Bed Makeover #7 19 of 24
    Castle Bunk Bed DIY

    The cuteness. A prefect little set-up for two sweet toddler girls.
    Learn more via, Ikea Hackers

  • Kura Bunk Bed Makeover #8 20 of 24
    Feminine Buk Beds For Toddler Girls

    Easily updated with wallpaper!
    Get the instructions via, Ikea Hackers

  • Duet Bunk Bed 21 of 24
    Nurseryworks Bunk Beds

    Stunning piece. With a price tag to match. Slender storage under the bed keeping things nice and low still. Boasts twin bed convertibility, and elegant, contemporary style. Made with all hardwood and non-toxic materials.
    Available via Nurseryworks, $3400

  • DIY VW Micro-Bus Bunk Bed & Playhouse 22 of 24
    DIY VW Micro-Bus Bunk Bed & Playhouse

    I die. Also dreaming of airstream bunk beds.
    Get the tutorial via, Home Jelly

  • Walden Twin Over Full Bunk Beds 23 of 24
    Land of Nod Bunk Beds

    A clean crisp look to suit any room decor. Low to the floor build, which is very important to consider when looking for a bunk bed for toddlers.
    Available via Land of Nod, $1,529.15 

  • DIY Bunk Beds for Pets 24 of 24
    DIY Bunk Beds for Pets

    Wait, what? This doesn't belong here? Party pooper.
    As seen over on, Craft Foxes


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