The Cure for Toddler Cabin Fever

At the park over Thanksgiving weekend

It’s only the beginning of December, and I can already tell that my toddler has pent up energy.  He runs like a wild child all around the house, picks fights with his sister, and climbs and jumps off of anything and everything.

It’s going to be a long winter.

But, I realized this past week that there is a very simple and easy cure for his cabin fever. It just requires one thing.

Getting over myself.

You see, the simple and easy cure to cabin fever is simply to go outside.

Yep, it really is as easy as that. Get your toddler and yourself outside. It will make all the difference in the world.

If you’re anything like me, probably the biggest obstacle you will face in curing your toddler’s cabin fever is yourself.

Have you ever noticed that kids LOVE to be outside, no matter what the weather is like?  If it’s hot, they want to run through the sprinklers, if it’s raining, they want to splash in the puddles, if it’s freezing cold, they just run around to stay warm, and if it’s snowing, they catch snowflakes on their tongues and make snow angles and snowballs.

But me, yeah, not so much. Unless the weather is between a nice 55-80 degrees and sunny, I’m just fine with staying inside, thank you very much.

So, I realized, that I am actually the one holding my kids back from getting out the pent up energy that they feel from being in the house all day, every day. And I am also the one who has to deal with effects of all that energy. And that’s not so fun either.

The thing is, right now where I live, there is no snow on the ground, the temperature only dips below freezing during the night, and even though the sun doesn’t shine all that often (we call it the perma-cloud), it’s really not that bad outside. Sure, it’s a little cold out, and we’ve had a few days of rain, but other than that, there is nothing about the weather that is stopping us from getting outside.  The only thing stopping us is me.

I just don’t really want to go outside.

Wow, I sound like a whiny toddler myself, don’t I?

But, the truth is, that getting some fresh air, getting our energy out, and maybe even getting a little exercise is really good for us. Getting outside helps to improve our mood and our immune systems, things that are definitely needed during the winter months.

So over the past week, we’ve gone outside and taken a few walks. It’s not like we do it every day, but it’s been enough that I have noticed the difference. Once I get myself moving and actually get outside, I’m really glad that I did. I feel better, and my kids feel better, and that just makes everything a little bit better.

So if your toddler is getting a little stir crazy from being inside too much already, do yourself a favor, even if you don’t really want to, and even if the weather is not your favorite, and take them outside. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did, and even if your not, it’s sure to cure your toddler’s cabin fever. At least for today.

Does your toddler love to play outside no matter what the weather is like?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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