The Determined Toddler

The Determined ToddlerTonight we had my sister and her boyfriend over for dinner. It was our first dinner guests in our half way put together house. While we all laughed and had a great time, Izaiah one of our toddlers was just in a MOOD.

Izaiah is head strong and if he wants something he will do whatever it takes to get it. And by whatever I mean WHATEVER. So much so, that while it’s funny – it’s kind of scary to think he is like this at 2. What will he be like when he is 14 and I say no?

Izaiah’s mission for tonight was to get a cookie. We had made cookies for dessert and since Izaiah had stolen 4 cheese sticks out of the fridge before dinner, he didn’t want to eat. The rule is you have to eat your dinner before having a cookie. He just wasn’t going to have that. He was going to not eat his dinner and eat the cookie. It was a 2 hour battle as no matter where I hid the cookies, he would make his way to them. He stole half a cookie out of his little brothers hand, pushed the chair to try to get the cookies out of the microwave, snuck part of a cookie from his dad, picked up cookie crumbs on the floor. Izaiah was determined and that determination got him fragments of cookies to satisfy his craving despite my ¬†insistence that he be cookie-free until dinner was eaten.

Looking back it was laughable. A little dude running around in a diaper falling off doing the impossible for sugar. It’s moments like these that make me hope and pray that the determination he has to get a cookie will get him far in life — far in life of course without stealing and beating people up. A mom can only pray, right?

If You Have a Determined Toddler — How Do You Handle Him or Her?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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