The Disney Ornaments on Vivi’s First Real (Fake) Tree

Christmas trees to toddlers are basically just giant accidents waiting to happen. I love seeing the photos of friends trees where only the top half of the tree is decorated, keeping all ornaments out of a toddler’s grasp. We approached our tree a little differently this year, we put all the hardy, unbreakable ornaments on the bottom. Vivi is allowed to play with them, move them around and look at them all she wants. We figured it would be easier to allow her some play ornaments, rather than chase her away from the tree for three weeks.

The only problem? She figured the same rules apply to all Christmas trees so when she took a glass ball off a tree at a hotel and spiked it to the ground? We had to set out some new tree rules. Now that we’re at my dad’s house where their giant tree is covered with many glass and antique ornaments, there’s a one finger touch rule when it comes to the tree and so far she’s followed the rules perfectly. (Praise be.) Last year Vivi could only sit and watch us decorate the tree, this year she helped us decorate it by throwing a few ornaments in the tree’s general direction. The special ornaments are still off limits, but I look forward to telling her all about them next Christmas. Where they came from, what they mean, and seeing her choose her favorites.

I knew our tree had a lot of Barbies on it, but it wasn’t until this year that I noticed how many Disney ornaments we have as well. Our tradition is to add two or three new ornaments a year that signify important moments of that year. Halloween costumes, travels, or favorite movies are some of the most notable. Below is a collection of our Disney ornaments, from Up to Pooh and Disney World to a Disney cruise, we’ve got them all covered.

My most favorite ornament when I was a kid was a Winnie the Pooh ornament and a Dumbo ornament, you’d better believe I’m going to be asking my mom if I can take them home with me this year.

  • Tigger Bouncing with Pooh and Piglet 1 of 15
    Tigger Bouncing with Pooh and Piglet
    Tigger bobbles on a little spring! We got this one from the secret shop inside Hallmark headquarters. This one has been broken a few times, but superglue has saved it every time.
  • Snow White in an Apple 2 of 15
    Snow White in an Apple
    Another one from the secret Hallmark store, four year old Addie picked it out because hello? Princess and glitter.
  • The Ellie Badge 3 of 15
    The Ellie Badge
    This was MY ornament from Hallmark three years ago. I judge all humans by how they feel during the first 15 minutes of Up and this ornament is perfect in every way.
  • Aurora’s Dress 4 of 15
    Aurora's Dress
    My mom got this for Addie from Disneyland before she was born. I'm pretty sure the excitement of finally having a grand daughter kicked into high gear at the Disneyland gift shops.
  • Captain Mickey 5 of 15
    Captain Mickey
    Addie picked this one out on our most recent Disney Cruise. I could have an entire tree dedicated to blown glass ornaments, but with toddler sticky fingers around it will be awhile before that happens.
  • Cayman Islands 6 of 15
    Cayman Islands
    So this one isn't technically Disney themed, but Cody and I bought it as our annual ornament while in Grand Cayman not knowing I'd get to go back with Addie on a Disney Cruise three months later to visit the same stingrays.
  • Glass Donald 7 of 15
    Glass Donald
    This is one of four in a set that I picked up on our Disney Cruise (I promise I'll be quiet about the cruise someday, but that day isn't today.) Glass ornaments, I love them. Glitter? I love it. Disney themed? LOVE.
  • Glass Goofy 8 of 15
    Glass Goofy
    Here's number two in the set, Goofy. His vest even has arm holes.
  • Glass Halloween Mickey 9 of 15
    Glass Halloween Mickey
    We got this one as our annual ornament when Addie was four and we took our first trip to Disneyworld as a family. Cody wasn't so keen on the Halloween themed ornament on our Christmas tree, but I'll tell you, that Halloween party was one of the best nights of our life and this ornament reminds me of it every time.
  • Merida 10 of 15
    Addie's current obsession, not to mention crazy wonderful hair, which both my girls have.
  • Mickey’s Toy Machine 11 of 15
    Mickey's Toy Machine
    This was Addie and Vivi's ornament from Hallmark for 2012. Normally we'd get an ornament for each girl, but none really fit Vivi's year and they both fell in love with this one so Addie said they'd share.
  • Glass Mickey 12 of 15
    Glass Mickey
    The third of the Disney themed glass balls. HOW CUTE RIGHT?
  • Minnie Sorcerer’s Hat 13 of 15
    Minnie Sorcerer's Hat
    I'm pretty sure this one is supposed to go on an antenna, but we hung it on our tree instead. Another one that my mom bought for Addie before she was born (also one of the few Vivi can throw around with reckless abandon.)
  • Glass Minnie 14 of 15
    Glass Minnie
    So. Cute. Don't need to say much more than that.
  • Secret Agent Perry 15 of 15
    Secret Agent Perry
    Our entire family is kind of obsessed with Perry the Platypus. Vivi was Perry last year for Halloween so this was her ornament to commemorate her year of the semi aquatic mammal of action.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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