The Easiest Homemade Preschool Valentines Ever

homemade valentines
Last-minute preschool Valentines

Ok, I know you’re all done with Valentines and stuff, but this is a good idea for next year.

Shnook’s preschool director never mentioned anything about Valentine’s Day so I figured nobody was bringing any.

Fine by me, I’m not that into V-Day in general, although you’d never know it from the huge pile of Facebook junk I’ve shared today.

Then at 10pm last night, she sends an e-mail that indicates that kids are allowed to bring Valentines.


What now? If Shnook doesn’t bring any he will feel left out. You can be sure I will not be running out to the drugstore at this hour to get some ugly, bottom-of-the-barrel Valentines.

Craft bag to the rescue.

I counted out 15 pipe cleaners, clipped them in half, and folded them into these cute little hearts. all while drinking my morning coffee. I was interrupted a few times by the Fuzzball, but nothing is perfect.

No mess to clean up. No glue or glitter. Simple. I suppose I could’ve taken it to another level and added a second color to each of them, and a tag or something, but dude…I was under serious time pressure.

These are still cuter than those ones you buy at the store, right?

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