The Evolution of Feet: From Baby to Toddler

The Evolution of Baby FeetOne of the very best things about babies and toddlers are their feet. Little toes, very little stink and they are generally quite ticklish. I’m not sure when Addie’s feet made the leap from adorable toddler piggies to big smelly kid feet, but it happened and nothing made the change more obvious than having Vivi’s tiny chubby feet join our family. They’re two of my favorite things to play with and I can be found kissing them, tickling them and playing patty cake with them on a daily basis. Just like first teeth and smiles I am of the firm belief that the evolution of baby feet should be well documented. From shoes to first pedicures, there’s no other foot more photogenic and universally appealing than a baby or toddler foot.

To be honest I think stinky baby foot is one of the best smells there is, Vivi hasn’t quite made it to stinky baby feet yet since she’s just barely starting to wear more substantial shoes and it’s still pretty cold, but you’d better believe as soon as those things start to stink? I’m going to be sniffing them. (I know, so weird, I’m sorry.) Here’s a few documentations and comparisons of where Vivi’s feet started and where they’re at today.

  • Tiny Feet 1 of 14
    Tiny Feet
    Nothing makes your bigger kid seem huge like comparing their enormous flippers to tiny baby feet.
  • Sister Feet 2 of 14
    Sister Feet
    While Vivi's have grown a lot, they still pale in comparison to Addie's grown-up looking feet..
  • Toe Sucking 3 of 14
    Toe Sucking
    Around eight months toe sucking became a regular past time, but it didn't last long.
  • Scrunchy Toes 4 of 14
    Scrunchy Toes
    Scrunchy toes were first sighted around three months. Her toes were ALWAYS scrunched, even to this day she scrunches them when she's really concentrating.
  • No Touching 5 of 14
    No Touching
    Nine months was when she refused to let her feet try new things (until we forced her to that is.)
  • Balance Issues 6 of 14
    Balance Issues
    The chubbier her legs got the more it seemed impossible that her little feet could carry all that weight, but they did and have for the last 10 months.
  • Stacked Piggies 7 of 14
    Stacked Piggies
    The first sighting of stacked piggies was around seven months and continues to this very day.
  • More Stacked Piggies 8 of 14
    More Stacked Piggies
    Stacked piggies has become one of the things I notice about other toddlers and babies, much like the toddler squat.
  • Feet in the Air 9 of 14
    Feet in the Air
    Three months and twenty months, she still loves to wave her piggies in the air like she just don't care.
  • Tippys 10 of 14
    Eighteen months brought regular tip toes, mostly because she's constantly trying to reach things she's not supposed to have.
  • First Shoes 11 of 14
    First Shoes
    One of her very first pairs of shoes were platypus slippers from her Halloween costume. Her first soft soled shoes were these little green ones with pink flowers.
  • More Shoes 12 of 14
    More Shoes
    Ruby red slippers and her sister's red cowgirl boots were the next shoes to grace her feet.
  • Boots and Socks 13 of 14
    Boots and Socks
    Snow boots and socks are two things I can't stand when it comes to toddlers. Socks are just a joke and the poor kid can barely walk in her snow boots.
  • Sweet Kicks 14 of 14
    Sweet Kicks
    Now that she's moving up in size her shoes are becoming flashier and more fun as she moves on to running, jumping and regularly giving me heart attacks with her daredevil feats.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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