The First Week of Daycare

We knew the first week would be an adjustment for Harrison.  We knew there may be behavioral issues stemming from exhaustion and overstimulation.  I didn’t bank on him eating any of his lunch or napping for them.  I expected him to grab my legs tearfully every morning, begging me to stay.  Then I’d silently destroy myself in my office with guilt over leaving him every morning.

Sounds awful, right?

Thankfully, that  worst-case-scenario I imagined did not turn into reality.

On Monday, he went willingly into the classroom, albeit skeptical.  He napped for an hour, ate his entire lunch, and was playing happily when I picked him up early.  Score!

On Tuesday, he babbled happily on the way to school, telling “jokes” about pink school buses being towed by tow trucks.  A quick kiss goodbye and he started playing with friends.

Wednesday brought a bit of a more somber tone…a wistful “bye bye, mommy” that had a touch of sadness.

Thursday brought small tears and not letting go of my neck until his teacher pulled out the trucks and sat down on the floor to play.

Friday nearly broke my heart – big bucket tears and begging of me to sit on the floor.  “Mommy, sit!” he wailed.  “Up, up, up!” he begged with his arms reaching for me.  It truly hurt to peel him off, give him a kiss and tell him firmly that I would see him in the afternoon.

Ouch, my heart.

This will get easier for both of us, right?  I need some encouragement.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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