The First Week of Spring

The first week of spring is upon us and we are LOVING the sunny weather and longer days!

Is anyone else feeling the joy of the time change?  ::ducks and runs for cover from parents hating children’s sleep patterns now::  My psychiatrist told me that in Sweden where it can be light up to 20 hours per day, people have been known to randomly burst into song from the overdose of sunshine.  Crazy, right?  But I am understanding that feeling these days!

We’ve been spending far more time outside, with me on my laptop in the grass and Harrison on his trampoline.  There are still a few more months before we pull out the swimsuits and sprinklers, but everything smells so bright and fresh outside!  (minus the yellow pine pollen haze!)

Here’s what we’ve been up to this first week of spring:

  • The weather has been gorgeous! 1 of 17
    The weather has been gorgeous!
    We've had the BEST March - temps in the 60's & 70's.
  • Puzzles 2 of 17
    The kid is a whiz at puzzles. Lately I put two in front of him for added challenge.
  • Barefeet in the grass. 3 of 17
    Barefeet in the grass.
    The neighborh's have started cutting their grass & it smells of spring & sunshine!
  • Smoothies. 4 of 17
    In a push to get bathing-suit ready & sneak in veggies, we're daily smoothie drinkers.
  • House fixes. 5 of 17
    House fixes.
    Harry keeps letting the dog out the front door. After six chases, we fixed that problem.
  • An interview. 6 of 17
    An interview.
    Back to the daily grind for momma? Maybe.
  • Draw Something. 7 of 17
    Draw Something.
    I'm pretty amazing at this game.
  • Work/Life balance. 8 of 17
    Work/Life balance.
    I'm still struggling to find it as I work out of my bedroom & Harry shoves little cars under the door to get my attention.
  • Breakfast. 9 of 17
    My favorite time of the day is breakfast with Harrison. It's just me & him & the sunshine. Today we had oatmeal.
  • Girls Night Out. 10 of 17
    Girls Night Out.
    Loaded tator tots, anyone?
  • DIY-er. 11 of 17
    Our kitchen table was in desperate need of repair. I sanded, re-stained, & painted it this past weekend.
  • Working from the coffee shop. 12 of 17
    Working from the coffee shop.
    Nothing beats an iced caramel macchiato when you're dealing with Excel.
  • Garbage truck watching! 13 of 17
    Garbage truck watching!
    A favorite activity for most toddlers. It's the highlight of Harrison's week.
  • Evening walks around the block. 14 of 17
    Evening walks around the block.
    um, I think you're supposed to ride in that.
  • Haircuts. 15 of 17
    Cute kid meets bad haircut. We won't be going back to that salon.
  • Oh, the dirt! 16 of 17
    Oh, the dirt!
    With spring showers here & there, the mud is a'plenty & it's being tracked into my house.
  • Movies. 17 of 17
    Harrison gets the best seat in the house for Cars 2.

Have you been doing anything fun for the start of spring?

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