The Foods and Snacks of Huckleberry Holbrook

Hi guys! Huck here! So it’s been a while, but since YoBaby asked me to write all about my tips for feeding your toddlers good, healthy food, I’m back with some of my favorite healthy toddler tips! Today we’re talking about when you should and when you shouldn’t worry about buying organic.

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    So, here's the thing. Sometimes people can be real black and white on the organics issue. Either it's total bunk and a waste of money, or else you're a real bad mom if you let your kid have a french fry from time to time. It can be super easy to get caught in that way of thinking (I know sometimes my Mom does). But the truth is, some foods don't really need to be organic, and some really do. And the important thing is to know which is which, so you make the right decisions!
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    For instance. The other day my Dad did the grocery shopping. And he came home with a whole bunch of really tasty, but really funky kinds of baby food. He they were on sale and in the baby aisle and looked good. So of course they're fine, right? Well, they ARE fine, I mean, I'm not going to die from eating "noodle rings and chicken" a few times from a packaged plastic cup (even if the second ingredient is "enriched noodle product" whatever that means.) But that doesn't mean it's necessarily GOOD for me. (I mean, it's not good for me. But neither is ice cream and shoot, don't even think of telling me I can't eat ice cream sometimes.)
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    The thing is, a lot of food companies will tell me something is "healthy" as a way of making them more money. Like weird diet food, or "enriched" cookies. Weird, food industry!
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    When it comes to any convenience food, Mom thinks it's super important to buy organic. I mean, convenience food with a toddler is unavoidable! We don't always have time for big lunches all home made. So that's when Mom pulls out the all-organic guns, on the fruit snacks and granola bars, so that she knows there won't be any high fructose corn syrup or other sneaky preservatives for her to worry about.
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    Mom read once that certain vegetables and fruits don't necessarily need to be organic.
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    Onions, for one. And corn, too. Also pineapple, avocado, asparagus, and sweet peas.
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    Those are the foods least likely to be contaminated with pesticides, she says.
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    But the there are some foods you should really consider buying organic!
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    Like apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, and spinach.
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    But don't go crazy breaking the budget if you're on a tight allowance! Pick one or two organic fruits or vegetables to eat as snacks or cook with dinner for the week and just know you're doing your best.
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    And try to research the companies proclaiming "organic!" on their labels, so you know they're doing things in a way you really support, and so it's worth your money! You moms and dads are in charge of what companies get your money, and it's a big power to have!
    Well, I'm off to get some lunch! Happy snacking!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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