The Ghostbusters Fire Station Headquarters Brought to Life With Lego (PHOTOS)!

who you gonna call?So how long do I have to wait exactly, before I can show my toddlers my most favorite movies? (Plural, both the original and the sequel.)

Forever. I already know the true answer. It’s a big kid movie – the likes of which are way too scary and freaky for my little tots. Which doesn’t mean I can’t pass on the excitement and nostalgia for something I adored during my childhood, albeit a little early.

If only it were life-size.

The it being the Ghostbusters Fire Station Headquarters Brought to Life, by Lego artist Orion Pax, aka: Alex Jones. (By the way, very cool internets alias dude, if on the off-chance you are reading this).

We’re talking a real-life lego creation of the Ghostbusters fire-station here my friends! Nerds rejoice! I know you all love the movies. If you didn’t, I’m not sure what your deal is, but off with your head. In fact, just talking about said movies makes me want to stay up late tonight watching them after the wee ones are in bed, which will greatly please my partner, which could lead to…you know…good times.

It’s Friday night. We recently got back from a kid-free vacation over here. Don’t worry, in about a couple of months I’ll be all haggard and semi-sexless again. Just keepin’ it real.

There’s been talk of a third feature film and if that happens, I’m willing to bet that our pals Disney will snatch that action up pronto. Hello, Star Wars.  Maybe I’m wrong, I’m just projecting. Please, no one quote me, I’m totally talking sh*t.

Plus, it was written, directed, produced by, and starring a bunch of Canadian dudes, so. Represent. (Yes, there were some Americans involved too, but we all know the dirty truth about Canadian film and television, let us have this one. Okay?)

Now that I’ve completely digressed in multiple directions, it’s only appropriate that I bring it back home. Essentially, I think it’s the bees knees that this super talented Lego artist, Alex Jones, painstakingly created the fire-station headquarters AND the vehicles Ecto 1 and 2. My toddler boy LOVES anything to do with fire-trucks, fire-stations and now that he’s older and not trying to shove everything into his mouth, he would actually be able to take in the glory of said creation.

Basically I’m saying I think it should be his. Not for me or the mister, nope, not in the least. Purely for my son. Below is a little teaser of the incredibly detailed lego architecture and art Jones created. To learn more about his creative process and to see the masterpiece in it’s entirety, check out Jones’ website and blog.

  • Ghostbusters HQ 1 of 5
    Ghostbusters HQ
    The backside view, this is where one would spend hours playing. Or maybe looking and not touching? Weighing in at 15 kg, it took Jones over 2 months to build.
    Learn more via Orion Pax
  • Ecto 1 2 of 5
    Ecto 1
    Incredible detail. Please someone tell me there is a life-size version of this somewhere.
    Learn more via Orion Pax
  • Kitchen 3 of 5
    I know, right? Brings you back, doesn't it. Or maybe that is just my nerdly self.
    See and earn more via Orion Pax
  • Billiard 4 of 5
    That pinball machine. And also, SLIIIMMMEEERRRR!
    Learn more via Orion Pax
  • Egon Spenglers Lab 5 of 5
    Egon Spenglers Lab
    Who else had the hots for Egon? C'mon - be honest.
    See more over on Orion Pax

Make sure you visit Alex Jones’ website, Orion Pax to get all the goods and meet the artist in his presentational video explaining his inspiration and process. All photos courtesy Alex Jones.

Source: Laughing Squid


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