The Great Bunkbed Debate: Is Three Too Young?

Lately my husband and I have been discussing our son’s sleeping situation. He transitioned to a toddler bed right before his second birthday after I caught him flinging himself over the rail. The transition was relatively smooth and since then, he’s been happy in his crib-sized Munire bed.

He’s getting a little crammed in there, though. The amount of blankets and lovies and books and Matchbox cars he takes to bed with him every night is encroaching on his sleep space and he’s very tall, so he’s running out of room. It’s time to move to a normal-sized bed.

I’m a fan of bunkbeds for kids. My brothers both had them when I was growing up and they were an endless source of fun and function throughout our childhood – we’d make forts in the bottom part and I’d “sleep over” on Christmas Eve and yes, we threw stuffed animals off the top and tried to hit targets. So when my parents offered me a spare set of bunkbeds in their attic for Harry, I was stoked. But then reason took over and I figured we’d just bring in a twin bed for now and bunk them later for safety purposes. Also because I KNOW the moment he sees the top bed, he’s going to beg and tantrum every night to sleep up there and that’s not a hell I willingly put myself through.

I call that “choosing my battles by not letting him know there’s a potential battle.” Or something like that.

I was all pumped for the single bed and then I caught wind of this incredible Kuraa Ikea hack.


I sketched out garbage truck plans. I priced it. I dreamed about Harrison losing his toddler mind over it.

But then I was like…wait. Bunkbeds at three? Is that too young? He’d have to sleep on the top part, of course. On the other hand, it’s not a full-sized bunk so there’s a rail and not such a high distance to the floor.¬† If we waited, would he be too old to appreciate and properly lose his mind over the firetruck?

These are my first world problems, friends.

Insight time: have any of you put a 3-year-old in a bunkbed? Did it work? Thoughts?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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