The Hidden — and Deadly — Danger of Toddlers and Bean Bag Chairs

When you start baby-proofing your house as your little ones become more mobile and agile, there’s no question you plug up your electrical outlets and lock up your medicine cabinets.

But there exist other hazards that are just as deadly, although less-widely publicized than, say, dishwasher tablets that resemble candy.

For instance, did you know a bean bag chair can kill? One Kentucky family learned that the tragic way last week.

Three-year-old Mia Kylee Mills Simmerman, the granddaughter of Kentucky state representative Terry Mills, died last week following a game of hide-and-seek in which she unzipped a bean bag chair, got inside and zipped it back up. The tiny beads inside bean bag chairs are choking hazards because they are so easily inhaled. Little Mia suffocated inside of the bean bbag chair.

This isn’t the first time there has been a tragedy involving children and bean bag chairs. WLKY.com reports (via the Associated Press) that there were five children who died after crawling inside of bean bag chairs in 1995.

After those deaths, mandatory regulations went into place in which label warnings are sewn on labels of each chair warning of the suffocation danger, although that’s clearly not the same kind of protection as a childproof lock or outlet cover.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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