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fbd6d150790311e2bb3e22000a1fb8a8_6Hi, everyone! Happy Monday!

I oddly have a ton of energy and it might be from the four cups of Starbucks French Roast that I drank this morning, but I think it’s because we had such an awesome weekend. We had nothing on the books, which meant our weekend was full of unplanned busy. My husband and I built Ana White’s floating shelves on Saturday to hold our family’s DVDs. It was such a great project and our 3.5-year-old also helped – he was great at putting down the wood glue and wood filler! If you’re looking for a project, this is a great starter one.

Then yesterday, it was enviously gorgeous outside here in North Carolina. In the 60’s with sunshine galore, so we spent most of the afternoon outside working in our front yard and playing in the backyard. It’s been great having Harry’s playhouse and trampoline set up so he can burn off energy.

Then Doug and I watched the Oscars, which was totally out of character for us since we haven’t seen any of the movies and we never stay up past 10pm. But there we were at midnight, cheering on Ben Affleck. Did you watch?

What did you do this past weekend? I hope it was a good one!

Here’s what else we’ve been up to:

  • Then I woke up like this 1 of 13
    Then I woke up like this
    It basically was the best moment of my entire life. Hi, family!
  • Sometimes I just stare 2 of 13
    Sometimes I just stare
    Other working mommas, please tell me you also minimize your screens to stare at your babies.
  • I finally did a hair tutorial 3 of 13
    I finally did a hair tutorial
    My hair is really long and I love it, so I did a little guide on how to wash your hair, curl it, and let it be for 3 days.
    Okay, BA: how to curl your hair
  • Angry Birds 4 of 13
    Angry Birds
    Okay, he's a few years behind the craze but my son is in LOVE with Angry Birds. Good news is that now we have "currency" - he can earn 5 minutes of playing time by going potty and listening to Momma in the morning.
  • A little home switch-a-roo 5 of 13
    A little home switch-a-roo
    see also: that Pinterest thing about painting curtains? They look like painted curtains. Don't waste your time and money.
  • Valentine’s Grinch 6 of 13
    Valentine's Grinch
    I managed to pull together some 'treats" for Harry - really, just an excuse for new reading material.
    I am glad this holiday is over
  • Ever feel like 7 of 13
    Ever feel like
    you live at a zoo? Me too. Somehow the chaos of a toddler running and the dog scratching at the door just makes me want to pull my hair out.
  • This sucked 8 of 13
    This sucked
    Our fridge tried to catch on fire and when we pulled it out we found the subfloor had been damanged. Oh, Money Pit. You are so loved and so hated at the same time.
  • It snowed all day 9 of 13
    It snowed all day
    in February. With nothing to show for it. North Carolina is having some weird weather but it sure was pretty.
  • To the face 10 of 13
    To the face
    Last weekend, the boys went out of time for golfing and Grandma. I stayed home to get the house clean and catch up on laundry. Thank goodness for face time on the iPhone because I missed them!
  • I love this mug 11 of 13
    I love this mug
    Is that silly to love a mug that much? But I do. Almost as much as I love coffee. I could write a sonnet about it all.
  • RAWR 12 of 13
    Because stealing your son's hat and running around with it is so much fun and only mildly terrifying.
  • Let’s have a great week! 13 of 13
    Let's have a great week!
    I'm so ready to tackle this week. Work projects and home, I feel good!

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