The Many Faces of My Wild & Wacky Toddlers

No idea where they get this stuff from. The sauce, the feist. (Y’all can appreciate self-deprecating humour from time to time, yes? Because I do that sometimes. But only rarely).

It’s been a few days since I got the boot from Baby’s 1st Year. It’s taken me since then to stop my mama sniveling and come to terms with the fact that whether I like it or not, my baby girl is indeed fresh on the cusp of toddler-hood. A grand and lovely, inevitable fact of life.

Which also pinches at my heart like a pesky little mosquito.

The really awesome thing here, with moving on into Toddler Times, (waving hello! Yes, this is my introduction of sorts, I never was all that great at formalities) is…that I get to share stories about BOTH of my littles. Something of which, since writing for Being Pregnant and BFY, was pretty much focused around my girl Abby.

It’s like wide open spaces of possibility just opened up and we can’t wait to make some new friends. Let’s be friends, mmk? We’re pretty hard to resist. Well, at least my babies toddlers (that one’s still hard to utter) are. Whom, at this point in time are being scrap-booked, live; to all you lovers and naysayers and haters (for shame!) alike.

We’re just forging and making and baking community and sharing stories and supporting each-other here. For the most part anyways. The ignore function of a blogger’s brain is an imperative trait to master. There’s too much goodness in-between that can get lost if one doesn’t. You’ll find no entertaining of the sell-out’s and pimper-outer’s theories here.

Just lives intertwined, babies and toddlers and children growing in an exciting new time. It’s all in how one works it. These little ones, all of their trust lays at my feet and I hope to do that incredible responsibility justice.

For now though, here be me (Selena) and my brood (Wyndham – 2 3/4 and Abby 1). With one shot of the Daddy. Forever to be referred to as, The Mister.

  • When They Were Wee 1 of 20
    When They Were Wee
    However trite, it seems like only yesterday. Yesterday, when I thought I could not have babies; to now. Now, when I am being trampled and loved on by rowdy, brilliant, insatiable toddlers.
  • The Posse 2 of 20
    The Posse
    Here we is. This is us, in all of our True North, nerdly yet badass glory. Don't mess.
  • Sibling Play Dates 3 of 20
    Sibling Play Dates
    Making memories here folks. It's what we do. From one simple sun-drenched week-night, taken with my iPhone, this is one of my favourite pics of these two together.
  • Of Love & Shadows 4 of 20
    Of Love & Shadows
    Big toddler brother love knows not it's own strength on baby girl sister's delicate sensibilities.
  • My Cheeky Monkey 5 of 20
    My Cheeky Monkey
    Loves him some park. Every day, all day if he could.
  • The ‘Tude 6 of 20
    The 'Tude
    Often referred to as the diva or the duchess, her sauce and her antics can be heard clearly across the room. Since day one. They've only grown to meet her burgeoning , fiery personality.
  • Earlier Days of Wyndahm 7 of 20
    Earlier Days of Wyndahm
    From whence he was but a fresh toddler himself, his sister now folows in his footsteps. And hang on his every word and action she does. Oh boy.
  • A Real Looker 8 of 20
    A Real Looker
    My boy is pretty. And handsome. And edible.
  • Bath-time = Fun-time 9 of 20
    Bath-time = Fun-time
    The 1st few times we tried to bathe them together was pretty dicey. Now, it's a regular routine at night like pb & j is to the mornings. Water-play of any sort is their happy place. Meltdown? Bath. Woke up grumpy? Bath. Want daddy, want mommy blues (n the absence of one), fill up the pool or have a bath. Said water-play is not to be mistaken with spraying them with water to simmer down, much like one would with a cat. No matter how tempting. The results are the opposite. Unfortunately.
  • Heart-Throbs… 10 of 20
    and miniature catastrophes.
  • Testing My Patience 11 of 20
    Testing My Patience
    Other-wise known as errand running, or grocery shopping. Unless of course, I remember to leave the house stocked with baby and toddler arsenal, (such as snacks, water, diapers, wipes and gadgetry - yes, I'm talking about iPhone and iPad). Then we're good. It's smooth sailing. Even then though, no matter how cute this image is - being in such close proximity to each-other often results in each wanting what the other has, poking and prodding. We all know how that ends up. Cookies for everyone then!
  • Toddler-Hood 12 of 20
    Having recently turned 1, we're here now, in the land of the toddler on the internets. Except I'm not ready for her to be all bad-ass toddler. So be gentle with me, k?
  • Speed Demon 13 of 20
    Speed Demon
    The more he gets to burn off his insurmountable amounts of energy, the better.
  • Future Star 14 of 20
    Future Star
    Of what I'm not sure, but whatever it is - she'll always be fabulous and posses the flexibility with which to pull it off. Mentally and physically. Of this I am sure.
  • Simple Pleasures 15 of 20
    Simple Pleasures
    This rare specimen, 'the calm and quiet toddler' can be seen skipping rocks along the northern shores of Canada, with much repetition and agile grace.
  • I Loves Her 16 of 20
    I Loves Her
    I mean obviously, right?
  • I Loves Him 17 of 20
    I Loves Him
    Twinsies. For life.
  • Intense Thinker 18 of 20
    Intense Thinker
    With soulful eyes and a sensitive heart beyond his years, it often takes my breath away.
  • Serious Foodie #1 19 of 20
    Serious Foodie #1
    As seen here digging into her 1st birthday cake, she actually favours the savoury over the sweet any day.
  • Serious Foodie #2 20 of 20
    Serious Foodie #2
    Examining one of his most favourite types of cuisine. The muffin. The opposite of his sister, my little man LOVES him his treats. Which is why I've gotten into sugar-free baking such as the muffin he finished devouring in seconds, none the wiser.

Pleased to virtually meet you.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can meander over here. Bucket-list? I have one. Confessions? A-plenty. (And constantly changing). Or if you desire to delve beyond the fray, pour a cup of your favoured vice and peruse through some of these.


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