The Many Hairstyles of Abby + 10 New Easy Spring Looks I Want To Try

Big wooly winter hats have been the demise of many a hairstyle for Abby this winter. We start out the morning enthusiastically (the little nutter loves it when I do her hair), but her wispy thin locks, that have only just begun to turn from baby fine — are no match for all the winter gear. Now that Spring is here?! All the pretty hairstyles won’t be a waster of time! I never thought I’d get into doing my little girl’s hair this much – because you know, focusing on ones looks and teaching as such to my little girl isn’t something I believe in. Taking care of oneself  having good hygiene and taking a modicum of interest in ones appearance is a good thing I think.

There are tons of ornate and intricate hairstyles making the rounds on the internet for little girls. While those are fun to look at, and as much as my toddler girl loves having her hair done – there is no way she’d sit patiently for me to pull those off.

So I’ve kept it pretty old school and simple with this collection of dreamy dos that I envision trying out on Abby’s sweet head, as well as a few haircut styles I’m toying with. Spring also means the start of a brand new Pow Wow season and those, now those are some more detailed hairstyles I can get behind. Special occasions and whatnot. Which means, yes – Abby (and her bro) are going to start up traditional grass and jingle dance lessons soon. It’s time for me to start learning to braid with ribbons!

Check out some of Abby’s favoured hairstyles and the ones I’m dreaming about…

  • Spring Is In! 1 of 21

    Now that big wooly hats aren't a regular part of my little girl's wardrobe - we can really get into some cute looks with her curly locks! Click through to check out an array of Abby's looks, some sweet haircuts I love and a few hairstyles I want to try out soon.

  • Embellished Hair Elastics 2 of 21

    A quick and easy side pony with a faux white gerber embellished hair elastic finished this hairstyle for my fussy girl this morning. Also that dress? I KNOW RIGHT?!

    You can find it on Etsy, made by Wild Things Dresses

  • Multiple Ponytails 3 of 21

    There's only a short period of time I could get away with styling my girl's hair like this. You bet I'm going to try this one out a few times.

    As seen on Two Tiny Tyrants

  • Felt Hair Bandeau 4 of 21

    Quick, easy and absolutely adorable in some perfect shades for Easter and Spring!

    Felt flower bandeau c/o Gingerpop Boutique on Etsy

  • Pow Wow Ready! 5 of 21

    Perfect dancing hair! I can't wait to get Abby into traditional dance and the jingle dresses? Bestill my heart.

    As seen on German Dolls

  • Side Sprout 6 of 21

    Having very much in common with the top sprout (coming up soon!) this is another do that you can pull of in a matter of minutes by simply parting the hair on top to one side and swopping up a chunk of it into a coloured elastic. The more ridiculous looking and sprouty, the better!

  • Faerie Accesories 7 of 21

    Every little girl needs the gear in which to grant wishes, yes? Crown mandatory. I think I could whip some off with some felt and glittery remnants for Abby - it's a necessity! Great for role-play and wearing on our spring-time outdoor adventure walks.

    As seen on Medium Hairstyle Update

  • Simple Side Clip 8 of 21

    No fuss, no muss.

  • Bangs + High Piggies 9 of 21

    Abby's hair isn't quite thick enough for the full forehead fringe - but when it is, she's getting them.

    As seen on Medium Hairstyle Update

  • Hats Are a Girl’s Best Friend 10 of 21

    Bad hair days. We all have them. Even little toddler girls.

  • A Bob! 11 of 21

    As Abby's hair grows in more thick and full over the next year - I'm torn between letting it grow long and having it cut into an adorable, perfectly symmetrical bob like this!

    As seen on Slo Dive

  • Easter Clips 12 of 21

    Bunny clips in a simple top-side gather. I used a little extra leave-in conditioner spray, to give her curls more definition here and used my finger to twirl them about.

  • Modern Bob 13 of 21

    Little girls with banged bobs are just so darling. I love the back layering, giving it a unique twist from the perfectly straight bob.

    As seen on My Hair Models

  • Piggies! 14 of 21

    One of my favourite ways to style the inevitable mullet hair that happens when a little one's hair grows from that of baby fine into thicker, fuller status - yet still wispy and fine. Just less so. A perfectly adorable do for the this in-between stage.

  • Side Pouf 15 of 21
    Side Pouf

    So cute! So easy! Love the bangs on this one.

    As seen on My Hair Models

  • High Piggies! 16 of 21

    How could I not?

  • Traditional Braids 17 of 21

    Traditional long shiny braids with ribbon woven in and beaded hair clips. Do you see the name on those clips?! TINK! Killing me with the cute over here.

    Photo Credit: Californian Indian Education

  • Top Sprout 18 of 21

    Otherwise known as the Cindy-Lou-Who. Simple and sweet.

  • Top Knot 19 of 21

    Easy and darling - not just for ballet!

    Ass seen on American Indian Source

  • Simple Headband 20 of 21

    Or anything bow related really. This looks especially sweet with a full-straight or side-swept bang.

  • The Smallest Frenchie 21 of 21

    The quick and easy route to pull-off a french braid on baby-fine toddler hair.

    As seen on Simply Sadie Jane


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