The Mom Face: Revealed

You know the look that I speak of. The look that puts all looks to shame. The mom stink eye. The look of death. Major cut-eye. As in DO NOT TEST ME eyes. One flash of this look and by the time your kid is 18…that’s all you have to do when they are acting up. A momentary flash of such a look will stop them dead in their tracks.

If, you know…you’ve administered it with stalwart precision for over a decade. Maybe.

So do that. Celebrate in your mom look, no shame. So often as mothers we get caught up in portraying an image of constant bliss, never-ending patience; in a martyrdom style of mothering. We forget that respecting our individuality and our own diverse ways of mothering is necessary for the sanity of all involved.

Letting our kids see our natural selves; letting them know very clearly – when they need to check themselves; is some good parenting if you ask me. So instead of being all hush-hush about something so seemingly trivial, such a regular everyday (multiple!) occurrence as flashing our kids the stink-eye, I decided to have a good chuckle over it.

In essence, I give my kids dirty looks sometimes. For very good reasons. I shall continue to do so in living a #RealMamaLife.

Some other moms thought it was a fun idea too… 

  • The Ultimate Mom Faces 1 of 20

    All of the ways in which we administer stink eye!

  • Amy Turn Sharp 2 of 20

    Proof: it's all in the eyes. 
    Amy strings together magnificent words and makes the best wooden toys for wee ones in the handmade industry with her "backyard business," Little Alouette

  • Emily Martin Johnson 3 of 20

    Clearly, she's actually smiling here. But, really you see, it's a crazed, smile-and-point-at-my-child-melting-down-for-the-cajillionth-time-this-day, sort of smile. Always better than melting down right along with them I say. (Which, to be honest, I've done both. So.)
    Emily is a culinary goddess and shares her recipes and stories of her life over at Life A Study.

  • Angie Boutillier 4 of 20

    Would you test this mama? Angie is a friend from many moons ago and rocks the SAHM scene like nobody's business. Don't mess.

  • Melissa McCauley 5 of 20

    This right here would be one of those, you're-driving-me-bananas-child!...Looks. Which, is a familiar sight indeed. 
    Melissa takes beautiful pictures and rocks the Bay Street financial world like a BOSS. But she'd rather be taking pictures.

  • Melanie Brohas 6 of 20

    It's amazing really, how quickly a sweet and loving face can turn into such a cautionary tale. 
    Melanie is a badass farming mama from rural Calgary and smiles just as fiercely as she is forthcoming with her fantastic "mom look."

  • Jennifer Podemski 7 of 20

    Just daring one of her little ones to test her. Which, personally speaking, only works for me about 1/4 of the time. 
    Jennifer somehow juggles mothering two toddlers while maintaining a full-on career in the entertainment industry as an actress, writer, director and production manager.

  • Nadia Carriere 8 of 20

    Praying for strength here, obviously.
    Nadia is the founder/editor of Child Mode, writes here on Babble Travel and with me over on Disney Baby. 

  • Jennifer Harte 9 of 20

    Oh girl. This look frightens even me. Apparently all she gets for it from her kids however, her older toddler daughter in particular, is laughter. 
    Jennifer is queen of admin and part of the technological mastery team behind WinROX.

  • Eden Hertzog 10 of 20

    Three generations (technically four, in that little carrier there) of mom faces. Shock, horror, feist, slight bemused annoyance... it's all going on here.
    Eden is a writer, singer/songwriter and the ultimate baker babe behind New Moon Kitchen.

  • Aura Samara 11 of 20

    This reminds me of my own look of you've-got-to-be-kidding-me. Known around these parts to directly precede the mom look of warning, which clearly didn't work. (For me anyways. Mostly.)
    Aura is Eden's sister, mom to two and owner / co-founder of Ambrosia Pastry Co. (So yes, baker babe-ness runs in the family.)

  • Susan Oppenheim 12 of 20

    I mean, no words necessary.
    Susan Oppenheim is the mama to Eden and Aura and grand-mama to all of their beautiful off-spring. The long-time owner of a well-known grassroots, fair-trade coffee shop in Toronto, JAVA MAMA Coffee, Susan is known to be straight up and doesn't mess around. Yes, she bakes too.


  • Jodie Rochemont 13 of 20

    This shot was taken by Jodie's daughter in real time as she's warning her not to drop her camera. 'Nuff said.
    Jodie is a good friend of mine, mom to two gorgeous girls, an engineer and talented hobbyist photographer.

  • Lauren Hartman 14 of 20
    Lauren Hartman

    Get it girl. Recognize this mug? It's one of Babble Toddler's own bloggers! Mom to that adorable #FernWinter we know and love. I suspect that as cute as Fern is, she can get into trouble with the best of them.
    Lauren writes here, with me over on Disney Baby and on her personal blog, The Little Things We Do.

  • Casey Mullins Coombs 15 of 20

    Casey reveals, "My best friend says the B&W one is my mom look, I KNOW the first one is."
    Casey writes here on Babble, her well-known blog moosh In indy, and various other places because she's cool like that!

  • ShoShona Kish 16 of 20

    One of the kindest, most patient moms I know, even she dishes it out when necessary. Her kids are older (12 and 18), and I have watched many times how one look from her like this will render them in their tracks. Almost instantly. Sometimes she has to give it a little more fierce with some passionate vocal work, but yea. Proof that consistency in administering the mom-look is key. Moral of the story? Our endless love, hard work and occasional dirty looks will pay off mamas. It will.
    ShoShona is a friend of the very best kind to my entire family and is the mastermind, song-bird and power-house behind all that is Digging Roots.

  • Krishann Briscoe 17 of 20

    Picture taken by her older daughter who just woke up baby sister.  An act of which is strictly forbidden as far as I know, the world over.
    Krishann writes for Babble's Love + Relationships Blog, with me over on Disney Baby and her own personal corner, His Mrs. Her Mr.

  • Morgan Shanahan 18 of 20

    Morgan thought perhaps this look was more intimidating pre-purple hair, I tend to think it does the job just fine...
    Morgan is the Author/Publisher of The818 and one of our own Babble Voices Columnists over on Ten Degrees Hotter.

  • Me 19 of 20

    Yep that's me. All I had to do here was ask my boy to take a picture of me, whilst he was whipping matchbox cars off of the deck wily-nily and grabbing his sisters cars while he was at it, causing melt-down mayhem. The taking of my picture distracted him from the effect I was hoping to have, meh. Trust me. I got my point across in the end.

  • At The End of Day… 20 of 20

    We're all giving it the best we've got. 
    Photography via Victoria Vaughn Photography


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