The Most Adorable (Ridiculous) St. Patty’s Photo Props For Toddlers

There might come a time later on in your life, say when your kids are teenagers and forevermore after that, when you’ll want to pour over photos and remember when.

I was reminded again in yoga this morning, (by this ridiculously good-natured, hard-bodied, lovely woman at least 15 years my senior) how fleetingly this time passes. She went on to tell me that I will treasure these years when I’m her age with grown kids.

Well duh. Of course I will! But I don’t want to hear about it now! About how easy and fleeting it all is. I mean really? Do parents really forget later on what these years were like? Please don’t let me be like that. Pleasepleasepleaseplease.

I don’t mind so much admitting the fact (to myself), that this time does seem to be passing rather quickly. I just don’t want to hear it from blissed out strangers, mmk?

Now, I havent’ gotten completely off the track. There is a point to my rambling. Which is to say that, while some may think that seasonal, holiday themed photo props for your little ones are unnecessary and maybe even silly, or ridiculous – I am here to say, well yes, of course they are. 

That’s the whole point.

We need something to embarrass our off-spring with when we’re bored or feeling evil, don’t we? Plus, maybe – just maybe – some of the things we deem unnecessary now, may just turn out being visual proof (pictures!) of the things we treasure the most in our tender, empty-nest years.


With that I give you some adorable St. Patrick’s Day themed photo props / accessories to bedeck your little people (and yourselves?) in. Candid, goofy photo booth style photo sessions (you don’t need a profesh, just get a tripod and learn how to set your camera to take timed, continuos shots) are all the rage! (Also keep in mind shipping time for this stuff, the cut-off for ordering with most Etsy shops is within the next couple of days to ensure you get your goods in time! You can always pay for expedited shipping, which of course means you are a die-hard geek for this stuff like me.)

  • 21 1 of 12
  • Onward with the cuteness… 2 of 12
    Onward with the cuteness...
  • Burlap Banner 3 of 12
    Burlap Banner
    That 'photo-booth' stuff I was talking about? It's simply a matter of choosing somewhere bright, without too many distractions and hanging a back-drop like this up on the wall behind you!
    Available via N Haye Designs
  • Yep. This is Real. 4 of 12
    Yep. This is Real.
    And ridiculous yes, and adorable. C'mon, try and deny it.
    Available via Yum Baby
  • Simple & Sweet 5 of 12
    Simple & Sweet
    A dapper set of bow-ties for your little man that would last well into the Spring and would also be well suited for Easter!
    Available via Lil' Gents
  • Lucky Charm 6 of 12
    Lucky Charm
    A fun, gender neutral choice.
    Available via Cody's Boutique
  • Photo Booth Set 7 of 12
    Photo Booth Set
    I'm a fan of these over outfits and accessories. They are easy and look simple enough to make yourself if one was so craftily inclined.
    Available via Little Retreats
  • Suspenders. Yes. 8 of 12
    Suspenders. Yes.
    There is just something about bow-ties / ties and suspenders on little guys, even if they are just appliques. SO CUTE.
    Available via Shop Antsy Pants
  • Frilly Poppy Alligator Clips 9 of 12
    Frilly Poppy Alligator Clips
    Simple and darling - not too much fuss with just the right amount squeeze factor. I want to squeeze her.
    Available via Gingerpop Boutique
  • Options 10 of 12
    I'm all about offering choices and like I said. Suspenders. Do it.
    Available via Momma Loves baby
  • Crocheted Legwarmers 11 of 12
    Crocheted Legwarmers
    Love the chunky knit - suitable for year 'round I'd say, making this a practical purchase. That's right. Practical.
    Available via Sweetheart Tutus
  • All the Better To Tease You With My Dear 12 of 12
    All the Better To Tease You With My Dear
    This leprechaun beanie is over-the-top in all the right ways.
    Available via Playin' Hooky Designs


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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